Handheld or Shoulder Bags?

  1. I've searched through page 15 and couldn't find a thread on this so hear goes...

    Anyone think handheld bags are much ladylike and classier than shoulder bags? I'm in the debate whether to get the LV Beverly MM shoulder bag or the LV Mulicolor Trouville (handheld). My mom said that since I have tons of shoulder bags for casual use, the Trouville is much better. She also said that Shoulder bags are great for everday and casual use and a handheld is much better when wearing a suit, dress, or getting dressed up.

    After thinking about it, I guess it is true a bit. When I'm carrying a handheld, I tend to be more ladylike. It's also a pain for shoulder bags when I have a coat on. Any thoughts?
  2. Handheld bags, I feel, are more classy most of mine are. Shoulder bags are more daytime shopper bags, and I agree they're a pain to wear over a coat. Sine most of your bags are shoulder bags I would get the handheld one, to add some variety to your collection and have a handbag you can use when you get dressed up for a date or special occassion.
  3. Handheld bags do look much more ladylike. ITA with your mom. It sounds like you have a good variety of shoulder bags so a handheld would be a nice addition to your collection.
  4. you can try a convertible bag. one with a strap option and the option to hold it by hand (balenciaga, prada) :biggrin:
  5. I used to love handheld bags, but I've kind of gone off them recently. The last three bags I've bought have been shoulder bags.
  6. True... i love these bags with both options but they often are more slouchy bags, not the structured handheld kind. Both are good but just different looks.
  7. I have a blend of both and several bags that can go either way. My current love, the Kooba Charlie (in rose), is both handheld and over-the shoulder (has satchel handles, with a narrow and unobtrusive shoulder straps.

    I do think that this is also a matter of "look" - some people really do wear their bags better over the shoulder, some wear them better in the hands and some others wear them better hanging on their lower arm.

    Currently I am swapping regularly between two bags, the Gustto Torlia and the Kooba Charlie - the Gustto is what I wear when I'm cazh.
  8. The more I think about it, whenever dressing up for a coctail or wedding, I carry a handheld or clutch. When I think of oldie movie classics, the ladies always carried their purses with gloves, which I love. It's almost like I'm a lady and nice to have something to hold on my hands.

    The shoulder bag is much more convienent but makes the outfit much more casual. The more I think about, I defended using the belt bag in one of the threads but with the mood I'm in right now, I imagine myself using it except for a hiking trip. I'm sure in a week, reality will set in and as my handhelds get dirty with my clammy hands, I'll switch to shoulder bags.

    Bottom line, both are good, just depends on the occasion. With all us purse fanatics, I'm sure we have a wide variety of bags in the closet to choose from. :yes:
  9. I totally agree. I've got a mix of hand-held and shoulder bags - shoulder bags are usually good for running around with the kids. Hand-helds and clutches are better for weddings, parties, evenings out. I will tell you, I feel more lady-like with a hand-held. There's just something that feels "proper" about it, you know?
  10. I only carry shoulder bags for the convenience and functionality of it. I can't be bothered to be holding something in my hand or draped across my lower arm or wrist. However, I do feel that a hand held bag looks dressier and more refined. I'm at a point in my life where I'm more concerned with comfort than looks.