Handheld Mono bag - suggestions please!

  1. My friend's Speedy 25 is starting to look pretty worn. She wants a new mono bag that can be worn over her wrist. Any suggestions? (She has a mono pochette already). Thanks. :smile:
  2. Beverly Clutch!
  3. I suggest:

    - mono Papillon 26
    - mono Twin Pochette
    - mono Recital
    - mono Riveting pochette
  4. ^ i second the papilion!
  5. Batignolles...not the Horizontal or Vertical, just the regular Batignolles.
  6. How about the Alma or Lockit?
  7. I agree with the Batignolles and Lockit suggestions -- lovely bags!!!
  8. I think a Papillion would make a great handheld bag, especially with the option of carrying it on your shoulder if you got tired of holding it.