handheld baggage?

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  1. whats the maximum length for the handheld baggage on air planes?
    do most airlines let us bring our keepal 55 as a handheld?
  2. Depends on the airline and carrier. Different planes have different allowances although there seems to be a standard, you can check with your airline online.

    My usual standard-sized carry-on was considered too big for one flight and they had to check it in.
  3. ^^^:yes: check your airline's website for carry on size limits because each airline is different.
  4. I wouldn't rely on the website of the carrier. Speak to a representative and tell them your flight number. Different countries have different rules.
  5. I think you're safe with the 55. I recently flew to Canada and took the Via Rail train while there. The train also has carry on rules. I measured everything and followed the rules so carefully, but I was surprised to see plenty of people with bags over the limit carrying them on. If you stay within each carrier's measurements, you should have no problem.