Handheld bag - Speedy or Manhattan?

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Speedy 25,30 OR Manhattan PM/GM

  1. Speedy

  2. Manhattan PM/GM

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  1. I almost purchased a Speedy 30. Something held me back. What do you guys think of the Manhattan PM or GM instead? Don't get me wrong I think the Speedy bags are iconic, and still pondering over it. I just purchased a shoulder bag a couple months ago. I find myself alot of times carrying it down around my arm.

    Any feedback?:confused1:
  2. Speedy!! Manahattan (PM) is cute, but I found it heavy. I think that the GM is just too big.
  3. Manhattan GM the PM is too small for it's name. The larger one is definitely eye catching.
  4. Yeah the Manhattan GM is the PERFECT size...

    Go for the gold!!! Go for the Manhattan GM!!! ;)
  5. i like a speedy. i was thinking about a manhattan for a whileand i still thinking it's a great bag but my SA told me they're both very heavy and they tip over. and i hate scratched hardware which seems inevitable on the manhattan but not the speedy...
  6. I love the Manhattan GM! It's big but it's just the right size for me. It also has the alcantara lining which the speedy does not have.
  7. oh yes, the lining is what just about won me over
  8. I had both and sold both, but I miss my Speedy most. I found the Manhattan PM to be a bit on the heavy side.
  9. I say both, however there is a big difference in price - so depending on how much you want to spend ~I would use that to base your decision. I would go with the Manhattan, as you can always pick up a Speedy later -plus, the Manhattan is not as common as the Speedy. Good luck with yuor decision!!
  10. hmmm...i voted for speedy...its iconic, very versitell, and holds a lot....
  11. I like the speedy more...i dunno..it sits soo cute on your lap..kinda like a puppy....:love: and I like the sag...if you're not a fan of the sag get the manhattan.
  12. Thanks everyone so far for your feedback. Yeah, I know there is a bit of a price difference there.... I also want a wallet! I hate pulling out my Brighton wallet from my new LV!
  13. I would get the Manhattan, it's a great bag and I didn't find it heavy at all. I don't like the Mono Speedies. Never have, never will.
  14. I think the Speedy, but if you like having the front pockets (which are very popular right now) you could get the Manhattan. Of course, for the price of the Manhattan, you could buy the Speedy and another bag, maybe a shoulder bag as well for balance.

  15. ITA