Handcream recommendations?

  1. I swear by Neutrogena New Hands but now it has been discontinued.. :sad: Looking for a good replacement -- fast absorbing, spf protection, not too spendy also. Please help!
  2. OMG, for real? I love that stuff...glad I have a spare one after this one is gone. I too would like suggestions! :yes:
  3. I just got Glysomed and love it.
  4. i have tried alot of different onces. my absolute fave is vaseline creamy problem skin therapy. it is the best hand cream ever!
  5. Yeah, the only place it shows up now is eBay, and going over $10 a tube! I bought truckload of it last year, and running out... :sad:
  6. Mario Badescu Vitamin A&D handcream with spf 10....$10 and like 4 oz! My hands have never felt soooo smooth!
  7. L'occitane en Province aux huiles essentielles
    essential body balm is fantastic for skin....
  8. Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
  9. Holy crap thanks for this post! As much as I don't mind a splurge, I love a great drugstore find like this..works great, sunscreen and unscented so it doesn't clash with my perfume. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I will follow this thread closely too for all the great advice!
  10. crabtree and evelyn's. Those are the best ever. Worth every cents imo.
  11. I've been pleased with Bath & Body Works hand creams ... and surprised by it, too.

    The one I really like right now is the Eucalyptus Spearmint Relaxing Blend ... 75% off was the best part.
  12. I've always used Bath & Body Works products, but I have since discovered Olay's Quencher! What a great product.....non-greasy, and the effects last all day!!
  13. what about neutrogena norwegian formula??? is that still around? other recommendations...any johnson and johnson lotion...especially vit E and shea butter one!
  14. The norwegian formula is still around. Has anyone tried the new fast-absorbing one?

    Geeze... the auction on eBay ended at $100 for 3, CRAZY!
  15. I use Bath and Body Works or Aveeno. Aveeno is great drugstore lotion on sensitive skin and has no scent, doesn't clog pores, and isn't greasy. I don't know if they have a forumal with suncreen apart from their face creams though. I usually but the body lotion for my hands for about $6 for a big bottle. Costco sells it too but only one formula.