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  1. Got A few out left some in the Boxes.:biggrin: :suspiciou

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  2. Quite a big of bags there! Do you have a bigger picture?
  3. Ooooh.. someone likes Marc ! :lol:
  4. The first Picture was 300 Bites and would not load so I mailed it myself as small then I could upload. If I change the pixel setting on my Camera will it let me upload at the 190 Bites or do I need to do something else.
    Thank you every one seems nice on this fourm. PS I feel MJ has some of the best light weight Vegitabe Tan Leather out the last 2 or so years.
  5. If you'd like some help with resizing, you can email me the original and I'll scale it down so everyone can enjoy your lovely bags ! :smile:

    Just drop me a line at selphie (at) rogers (dot) com !
  6. And in this post, I bring you Hpzapper's lovely, lovely collection ! :nuts:

    I'm loving the Marcs, and the Gucci.. well, your entire collection really !! :love:

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  7. Can you tell us what each one is...they look beautiful:P
  8. Thank you ayla. From left A 1 Ghurka Tote 2 Gucci Large Hobo from 3 ago. 3 A Marino Orlandi Large hobo and then A Washed Rose Marc Tote.
    Next row A MJ Large Quin 2 A Coach 9219 3 Medium Gucci Hobo from last year 4 A MARC JACOBS SUSANAH and A Marino Orlandi Sling
    3rd row 1 and 2 Multi Pocket MJ Bags 3 A JUICY COUTURE LARGE FLUFF Nickel trim and then Gucci Drawstring Large Hobo of 4 or 5 Years and then the Gucci very Large Hobo of last year without the large rings. PS some of the Orlandi Bags are very nice Vegitabe Leather.
  9. Nice ...........
  10. Very nice bags:nuts:
    Do you like big black bags:biggrin:
  11. Thanks Ayla!
  12. Very nice bags:nuts:
    Do you like big black bags:biggrin:?
    Yes Totes and Hobos for sure! Tintin your collection looks great also.
  13. Thank you:shame:
  14. ohhh, I really really like that Washed Rose Marc Tote of yours! Beautiful color and style!

  15. cool bags :biggrin: