Handbags that look like Luggage (please gather, Structured Bag Lovers!)

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  1. Hi all,

    I have a confession: I have a strange obsession with handbags that look like suitcases.
    The best ones are those that are hard sided. I have a lovely Kate Spade Debra bag that is like this (not my photo, found on Google):

    I also am obsessed with my Chanel Vanity Case that I purchased last year (my photo)

    I recently purchased this Kate Spade floral train case (not my photo, but is a photo of the exact item I bought), and I'm lusting over Louis Vuitton's Luggage BB bag for FW19.

    What are YOUR favourite bags that look like suitcases/vanity cases?
    Bonus if they don't cost a few thousand... Love the Mark Cross bags but so $$$!
  2. Nice bags! Love that Chanel! And I also covet a Mark Cross bag.
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  3. Right?? They are SO pretty. The Daily Edit has a similar/inspired looking bag - I would love one, but they only make it in black, pale pink and a darker "peony" pink. I'd love to see them in other colours!
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  4. Love the Mark Cross Grace bags too.

    My Hermes Plumes look like suitcases because the 32 and 28 are actually perfectly scaled down models of Hermes blanket case from much earlier in the 20C. Unfortunately they are also more expensive than the MC Grace but there are still some good (relative) bargains to be had on the preloved market.

    This looks bigger than it is in the photo, it's only 28cm.

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  5. Lovely bag!! There's something super satisfying about two sets of perfectly parallel edges that make these bags so attractive. I have yet to step into the world of H!
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  6. Dying for a plume in toile/dark brown leather. The search is ongoing.
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  7. I share your obsession!!! Can we see the interior of your Chanel vanity case....please.
    Meanwhile... 71AEEE49-E8C3-4468-ACAB-E5F501406BA4.jpeg 4953C9D6-4748-4615-B84A-F1837AD05DC0.jpeg
  8. DROOOOL!!! I love it. is that yours?!
    Not my photo (I'm not home otherwise I'd go and take a photo :biggrin:) but this is what mine looks like on the inside:

    I love that it can open up completely like this, or that little tab (right on top of the mirror) can snap onto the inside of the main compartment so the front doesn't flop out like this when you open it (especially when the bag is on your shoulder)
  9. Splendid! I like to see real life photos because it’s easier to judge the quality. Stock photos are usually a little airbrushed. I did not get the mark bag in the end as j just could not bring myself to pay that amount. It’s very nice but...
    how is the interior of the other Kate Spade Suitcase one?
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  10. I don’t have it yet, but it’s a black textile lining!
  11. 8CCF0DB9-20E6-498D-B471-408B149888BB.jpeg
    Would love to see when you get it. I think a nice interior is key to the enjoyment of our bags.
    There is another one...
  12. Ohhh thank you for posting this!! Just visited their site and they have some nice ones!!

    I mean, how adorable are THESE?! I’d love the suitcase satchel but it’s sold out! The hat box is cute too!

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  13. Gorgeous inside too :tup:
  14. That hat box is FAB!
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