Handbags stolen in burglary

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  1. We had a recent burglary in our house. All of my bags were stolen. These include 3 prada's, 4 chanels, 2 python gucci bags, 5 bals and many others.
    I wonder if anyone ever experience this before. What are my chances of getting reimbursement from my home insurance. I have ASI as my insurance company. What I'm afraid of is if they fall under jewellery and fur. Which has a very low limit of $500 in my case. It's not even enough to cover one bag. My total loss was around 36 k.
  2. Truly sorry to hear of your misfortune. A number of people here have posted about this kind of thing. You need to ask your insurance company your questions about coverage, not us.

  3. I sooo feel for you! I had something stolen from my yard last month and it just kinda freaked me out. The item was not of much value; it was the thought of someone creepin' around my property....but to actually be in your house--eww.

    I'm really really sorry about your bags and everything else that you have lost. That just burns. I hope your insurance covers everything.
  4. wow so sorry OP! that's awful. shame on the person who stole your items. what a loss...but on the bright side it was only items rather than a family member. still awful and upsetting though. thinking of you!!!
  5. I have heard this story more than once, unfortunately.

    Aside from your insurance company, check listings on eBay and your local Craig's List to see if someone is selling your stolen goods. Also check local consignment stores as well. Good luck and I'm so sorry about the theft.
  6. Yeah. It's funny my insurance company acted like this is a new thing people would spend thousands on bags. I don't get my hopes up. I just want to share experience with others and hopefully they would do the same for me. I will probably not buy any luxury bags for the next ten years
  7. I'm sorry OP, that is horrible! GL
  8. I keep hearing stories like this and it is so scary!! Not about purses in particular, but lots of burglary stories. My friend told me the other day that she saw a truck in the parking lot of her apartments on blocks one morning. Someone had stolen all the wheels off the car in the middle of the night!

    I'm SO sorry this happened to you!
    I can't even imagine how you must be feeling...
  9. I am so sorry to hear your news. All I can really add is good luck. Sorry.
  10. Our house has been broken into too. I empathize, so sorry this happened.

    Call your insurance to discuss. You should be able to recoup something unless your deductible is crazy high.
  11. And change your locks and consider investing in a home alarm system.
  12. Or a bit bull!
  13. So sorry for you! I do hope your insurance covers but something tells me you probly had to get extra coverage for them.

    Scary to think about.
  14. Hope for the best