Handbags, shoes and now...EYEWEAR!

  1. Per Women's Wear Daily, Mulberry is expanding to eyewear as well. So far only 5 styles are slated.

    Can a fragrance be far behind and will the womens' smell like (mul)berries while the mens' smells like leather?
  2. Very interesting! I need new glasses, maybe I should wait! With my luck, they will only be available in the UK.

    Really looking forward to seeing the shoes, though.

    Thanks for posting!
  3. Great, Mulberry glasses! Definately what I recquire :biggrin:
  4. I hope for sunglasses as I'm so used to my contacts ...
  5. Yes, hope there´ll be sunglasses:supacool:!
  6. That's my fear as well :sad: The same with the shoes probably..
  7. I actually think, it's a bad idea. Shoes, okay. But Mulberry is known for their leather products, they shouldn't compete with other brands by making everything else in the market.
  8. Totally agree, its a slippery slide for Mulberry and makes it less Special ( I think)
  9. ^^^^ hmmmm , probably right. Didn't really think about that. I am really looking forward to seeing the shoes, though.
  10. Hi Guys

    I popped into the Mulberry store on Bond Street yesterday, and they had some sunglasses in there.

    They are quite funky!
  11. I can't wait to see them! Please post pictures.:supacool:
  12. news_just_in_mulberry_launch_sunglasses_collection_imagesNewsHome.jpg

    Here are the sunglasses that are to be launched by Mulberry (in collaboration with Custler&Gross), seems like they are only making it for the womens first :sad:. Actually they're not as bad as I thought. Still, I stand behind what I said earlier.
  13. wow-sa. not for me. It dosen't really stand out imo, at least not looking at those in the picture. Is it also made by luxottica?

    Thanks for posting NYC tokyo, but I think it's like perfume, any brand can do it, it's not a big money loss to them if it doesen't sell, it doesen't take much research (if produced by manufacturers like luxottica) and they don't have any obligation to continue producing. So all in all it's a gain-gain situation for the brand.
  14. I agree with you totally Mulberry is reknowned for its leather,and it sort of come across a bit jumping on the bandwagon type of thing.
    Its good for a brand to diversify and keep it fresh etc,but I wonder sometimes.
    Its like some of the big fashion houses do watches,they are couturiers not horologists,and the watches although fairly inexpensive,are not that great on quality,and the aftercare I have found is pretty rubbish.
    I personally don't mind buying things by other designers,keeps it all fresh and interesting, and I did buy a pair of sunglasses by Prada,who make clothes,bags ,shoes and have been affiliated with a top flight watchbrand,so I did'nt thin twice about it then,I wonder why I'm hesitating over Mulberry branching out??
  15. I would hate for Mulberry to become as Popular as Prada, its almost Common!!

    How bad does that sound!!!