Handbags over 50, am I alone in this?


Mar 19, 2011
as if some handbag designers knew I was turning 50, so, they started making a lot more shoulder bags.

I am in excellent shape, eat right, workout often, 5'7, size 6, yada yada...and I have noticed if I wear a shoulder bag no matter how light (even an evening bag with little in it), my shoulder and neck hurt me a lot the next day, yet, when i carry a handheld handbag such as a speedy, I'm fine.

I have focused more on handheld bags with a shoulder option when I need hands free for a few minutes, crossbody bags and when I feel like a minimalist, I use a pouchette.

My taste is also changing a bit from when I was much younger.
I wanted to see what other over 50 handbag ladies feel about this and what handbags,, (all brands) they find themselves loving these days. I couldn't figure out how to start a new thread until I was in one, so, if this is the wrong place, please tell me how to move this to a more general handbag discussion thread. I would appreciate your input as I am a newbie here.
Thanks all
Oct 11, 2007
I'm 47 and have noticed the exact same thing yet, I keep buying shoulder bags. For me, it's always been the most user friendly place, just to hang my bag on my shoulder and go. I've tried to incorporate a few handhelds into my collection but find that even these are also making my arms tired...yeesh. I've always bought larger bags and probably put way too much in them (old mommy habit of carrying everything, just in case). So now I have mostly GMs that do alot of sitting and I tend to grab my smaller bags and wallets to keep things lighter.
What ever happened to the days where I'd carry a huge purse, grocery bags and a baby all in one arm?


Jun 17, 2008
i'm not 50 yet, will be 48 next weekend ... i figure i'm close enough to offer an opinion:lol:

i only carry handbags, have forever it seems, i can't remember my last shoulder bag. and in the last 4-5 years i've sold everything and only carry LV's now ... just kind of made it my thing. i love my speedies, they are just so versatile and classic. i love my almas, so ladylike. and i really wish i had purchased more than one suhali lockit before they were discontinued, i'm hoping when the re-launch the line they'll be more lockits. and someday my search for a blue suhali lockit will be successful! none of these except my idylle speedy have a shoulder strap - i know the speedy b is popular with a lot of tPFers and i certainly understand the need to be hands-free for certain lifestyles but i just don't like the look of handles with a shoulder-strap.


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Feb 7, 2009
Although I am not near 50, I have also made a transition to handhelds already. My bags that are not are at least transitional in some way(they can be hand, shoulder or cross body). I have an underlying back issue and found that, although I don't carry slot, when I carry a bag for a long time, my shoulder hurts...and the pain can last for days before I realize it was because of my bag. Although I do have some shoulder bags that I like, I have already considered adding a addl. Strap to have options


Nov 23, 2010
I'm slightly over 50 and have always been a shoulder bag girl, but noticed recently that I'm liking handhelds more, they just seem more dignified and lady like. And I'm really trying to change my "take a bite and chew it up" approach to life to a slower pace. I've never noticed my shoulder bags hurting, but I do favor thicker straps

My favorite bag lately has been my classic mono alma. I recently bought a strap for it, but I find I still hand hold it and use the strap when needed.

I wore my blue epi speedy 30 the other day and got lots of compliments on it. It's nice to have the "over 50" chutzpah to wear bright bags in a sea of Coach logos. I'm going to be looking for more LV handhelds.


Mar 31, 2010
I am not going to be 50 for several more years yet but still I've noticed having the option, due to back pain, is important to me as well. Like you OP I carry a speedy (idylle) almost always by hand, with a shorter shoulder strap hanging off of it for those moments when I need to have my hands for something else. I love that bag as the strap can be removed and stored inside, if you prefer it not to hang there. The idylle speedies or speedy B may be perfect for you as well! I also had (until I sold it due to rarely carrying it) an epi alma with a removable strap last year.

As I age the other bags that are starting to catch my eye are Brea's and Roxbury.. can be converted to elegant hand-helds. I can see the function replacing funk right before my very eyes! haha. :smile:


Dec 27, 2005
I don't know if age has anything to do with it. When I was younger in my 40's many leather bags hurt my shoulder and I don't carry lots of stuff in my bags. Now that I am just over 50 I find I love shoulder bags more than hand held bags.
The best LV shoulder bags I have ever bought and are very light and comfortable are the Large Azur Noe (I had the monogram Large Noe for over 20 years...) and I just bought the Delightful GM (yes it is big) but soooooooooooo comfortable to carry. I hardly carry my Speedy bags right now. One bag I find uncomfortable is my Neverfull MM. I ended up selling it to my sister. This was one bag where the straps hurt my shoulder but I think it was due to it being two thin straps. My sister loves that bag and puts a ton of stuff in it so to me it is very heavy and yet she says it does not bother her???
I do love the option of having my hands free when shopping and running errands. I would recommend anyone to try the Large Noe when they are at LV. I feel this is a bag that many do not realize how functional and comfortable it is until you try it on in person.
Nov 20, 2009
Great, finally a thread right up my alley for young chicks...;) I am 52. I liked shoulder bags almost all my life, with the exception of a few clutches. Since I became LV addict, I now have lots of handheld bags (mainly speedies, lockits, alma), which I end up carrying on my elbow and sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable, but I endure the "pain" because the bags give me such pleasure.... I love clutches with small straps such as Roxbury and a few LE. I used to stuff my bags, but as I am getting older I only pack very few essentials not to add extra useless weight. Still I love a good shoulder bag when practicality is need it, such as a Galliera or a Thames. I suppose at our age we can explore different options mixing style, fun and comfort


Jun 15, 2009
I'm a few years shy of 50 (turning 42), but since turning 40 I prefer handhelds over shoulder. I just love the clean look of handhelds. I still have a few shoulder bags and I carried my Coach Soho yesterday all afternoon and my shoulder started to hurt. I missed my speedies at that point :biggrin: Hopefully my next LV will be an Alma! Still not sure which style, but a BB sounds promising :smile:
Jun 5, 2010
I also will be 48 this year and I like them all! I love the shoulder, hobo-types, totes, but also the ones that offer hand/arm held with the additional shoulder strap (I got the Evora recently). I do have the hand-held (Alma MM in Blue nuit), but sometimes after a day of shopping it gets too heavy on my arm, so then I go back to the others. :cool:

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Sep 13, 2006
I am not there yet, but I am a hand held handbag girl. I have some shoulder bags, with the exception the Petit Noe, I really don't use them much. However, I can understand what you are saying about the your hands and arms getting tired etc... Still, I can't give up my hand held bags...

I was no help...


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Feb 12, 2007
Anyone of you older gals carry the Montorguiel PM?

I am considering getting this purse and wearing it handheld or in the crook of my arm.

I know the straps are a bit short so if I had to wear it briefly on the shoulder I am sure it would be an "armpit" bag and hopefully would not pull on my shoulder.

I have a speedy 30 and am recovering from a broken arm resulting in a "frozen shoulder" and want something in LV that is light and comfortable. I am also 50+