Handbags Or Diamonds

  1. If finances is the problem and you had to choose between a bag you wanted or a piece of diamond jewellery you coveted ,which would you go for and why:graucho:
  2. The bag! Simply because I can only appreciate jewellery if it has history or was a gift :smile:
  3. Diamond jewelry for me.. :rolleyes:
  4. The *smarter* choice would probably be diamonds.

    For me personally though, I'd pick the bag. I already have a small collection of diamond jewelry bought for me by my mom, but I feel I'm still too young to be wearing her higher-end jewelry. For now, I'm sticking to my bag obsession.
  5. I'd go for the bag as well. I prefer getting jewelry as gifts, men don't know how to buy handbags but my man seems to know his way around jewelry at least :smile:
  6. Hmmmm. I'd go for the diamonds.... no, wait - Handbag. Yes handbag. Oops, no, diamonds. :push: No, handbag!
  7. Not if it's a Hermes Kelly or Birkin. ;)

    It depends on the purse. I'd probably go for jewelry, but I don't usually have to make that choice as the jewelry I want usually is more expensive than the bags I want anyways... And I hardly want any jewerlry.
  8. I would go with a handbag. I'm not really a jewelry person, and some pieces are too formal for everyday wear. Handbags are *usually* appropriate for any occasion.
  9. I'm going tobe the divergent opinion here and say DIAMONDS, all the way!!! You didn't specify what kind of jewelry so it may not be as practical (get as much wear as) a bag, but diamonds are never practical!
  10. It completely depends - what kind of jewelry, what bag, who's paying, if there is an occasion.
    I'm getting an upgraded engagement ring for my 30th birthday. Sure I could have asked for a new bag to the same value but the ring is hopefully something I will wear forever. The bag would be loved and all but it's not in any way the same.
    But if I was talking about maybe a bracelet or a necklace that I might wear occasionally rather than a bag I could use every day and really wanted, I'd probably go for the bag.
    I know my husband would be a bit put out at being asked for a bag over diamonds. He considers the jewelry to be much more of a gift than a bag.
    But I also never buy my own jewelry whereas I always buy my own bags!
  11. Ahem! well you see my screen name....I would go for diamonds every single time..!
  12. Depends on the kind of diamonds (remember, the 4Cs) and the kind of handbag. Let's say it was some high end bag that costs $1000+, vs a diamond ring that costs the same or a little more. I'd go for the diamonds all the time, but make sure the diamonds are acceptable to me. My love for bags are so fleeting, but my love for jewelry is forever. :tender:

    But that's just me. :queen:
  13. I would probably get the bag and put the diamonds on layaway to get later so I could have both :graucho: If you really have to chose I say diamonds as they really "are forever."
  14. Thanks for your opinion ,but which do u think has a resale value ,you know us gals are soooo changeable:rolleyes:
  15. Well..since I already have a good collection of diamonds in my jewelry case that I dont wear as often as I should...I'd have to say a bag, especially if it was a Hermes :yes::yes: