Handbags of Horror!

  1. Take a look at this slideshow. It's from Radar Magazine.

    Handbags of Horror!
  2. Haaa, that's funny. Some of them bags were pretty scary
  3. Haha... the comparisons are too funny!!
  4. lol, that's cute ... I want a Gizmo bag now :nuts:
  5. Me too! Gizmo is so adorable.

    Very ingenius.
  6. Those bags are not scary at all, but when they are being compared to those stuffs, then maybe a little. :p Lol...
  7. haha
  8. That's funny! The miu miu comparison was almost to good! EEEWWWW!
  9. Those were good !!! I kinda like the Creature From the Black Lagoon bag tho...... I didn't think it was so scary....
  10. Thank you for posting that, you made my morning. I hope I don't run into anyone carrying one of those bags today or I'll burst out laughing.
  11. Very funny stuff, love the IF comparison!
  12. Funny, for sure not going buy any of those bags now:roflmfao:
  13. Thanks for the laugh!
  14. hahah that's clever!
    I have to admit that I like the BE&D bag though - it reminds me of ruffles as oppose to the mummy bandages haha
  15. The comparison to Terminator was especially hilarious! :biggrin: