Handbags in the Rain ☔️


Apr 23, 2015
It is during these black rain storm warnings that I am grateful I did not sell my SM bag! She is my go to in the rain. In the past couple of days, I had to go back home and change out of my Celine Mini Luggage and my forever faithful Bal into my SM, cause she is made of recycled plastic right? And fearless of the wet, rain, typhoon, etc. Which bag do you use in the rain?[emoji943] IMG_1495597509.076126.jpg
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Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
With the weather being all sorts of batsh*t crazy in Finland, I mostly own bags that can handle anything; rain, snow, mud, slush...I carry alot of LP (nylon and Cuir), Mulberry and Scandic brands like Tiger of Sweden, Adax and Lumi which are all built to last anything.

The only bags that will def stay home in the craziest-weather days are canvas bags and ones with an open top. I only own 3 bags with the open design - 2 LC Roseaus and a DvF tote - and if the weather manages to surprise me, I just cover the top of my bag with my scarf.
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Jan 13, 2015
In the Paddock
I do own some LC LP's that i could use, but generally my bags are only bought with the intent to be used in all sorts of bad weather(snow, rain, hail etc) currently mine is a heavy chewy pebbled leather(a brand from my country)
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Mar 31, 2009
I carry a Burberry Buckleigh tote in black and blue check. I really like how it looks with my black Burberry trench coat :smile:.
Jan 15, 2011
I carry my black Togo Birkin, black lambskin Chanel reissue and black Clemence Evelyne in the rain, no problem. They all look like new. Cows get wet too! The biggest worry is dyes that don't hold in rain so black bags are usually a safe bet.
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The Edge of Glory
Oct 26, 2012
Vienna, Austria
Goyard and LV canvas. Especially the St. Louis totes can be folded at the top if you don't have an umbrella and stuff that cannot get wet. I was caught in rain with Hermes Clemence several times and it is also ok, but if I can choose I'd always take canvas.