Handbags & Icons

  1. So when you think of a designer...who is the first iconic woman that pops into your mind?

    Hermes = princess grace kelly followed by Jackie O.
    Chanel = Jackie O
    LV = Audrey Hepburn
    Balenciaga = Olson twins (I know! not really icons...BUT they're always wearing them!)
    Gucci = ??? I can't think of anyone
    Prada = ??? can't think of anyone
  2. when i think chanel, i think nicole kidman..
  3. ..and when I think Balenciaga, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller comes to mind

    Nice thread:flowers:
  4. Gucci - Jackie O, as in the Jackie O bag - I think they've renamed it though. There is a thread in the Gucci subforum with a picture of her holding in and an article confirming that it was a Gucci not the Hermes bag which looks similar.
  5. Mulberry and Kate Moss - she's always toting around her Bayswater. Someone told me once that she wanted it so much she actually went and bought it instead of waiting to "acquire" it for free!!
  6. for balenciaga the olsen twins certainly come to mind.They were always seen carrying it litterally all year round back in 2004 and 2005!
  7. i think of nicole richie, lilo and olsen twins for balenciaga.
    kate moss for YSL muse
  8. Hermes = Carolyn Bessette with her Birkin circa 1998
    Balenciaga = Gwyneth Paltrow
    LV = Angelina Jolie
    Dior = Carrie Bradshaw ;)
  9. Prada = Jill!!
  10. Gucci=Jackie O. And that's who I think of first.
  11. Hermés = Jane Birkin
    Chanel = Mischa Barton (the first season of the O.C.)
    Balenciaga=Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie
  12. I think of Jacki O for Gucci as well. As for Prada, I think of Katie Holmes b/c I remember seeing her pic in one of the style magazines (Instyle I think) and she looked good w/ it.
  13. LV = Audrey Hepburn (especially whenever I see Speedy bags)
  14. Hermes = Princess Grace Kelley
    Chanel = Nicky Hilton or Mischa
    LV = JLO, she was on those ads
    Balenciaga = Olson twins
    Gucci = No idea
    Prada = Victoria Beckham because of the new Prada