Handbags from the movie Bride Wars

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  1. This is my first post, I hope someone can help. I just saw the movie Bride Wars and would love to know who the handbags in the movie are from, especially the black one Kate uses and the tote Anne carries around. Thank You.
  2. They were so nice. There has been a discussion about these bags before, I believe.
    Kate's bag is Tods T Bag media in black patent and Anne's bag is by Coach..sorry forgot the model name. If you do a search in the forum, I'm sure it will come up.

    And Welcome, btw :smile:
  3. Anne's is the Coach Gigi
  4. ^^^Yup. Anne carries two Coach Gigis in the movie--one in Patent Putty (a light off-white) and the brown one, which is Whiskey.
  5. tPFers strike again LOL - the experts here are unbelievable!
  6. do you know where you can get a coach gigi in whisky??
  7. ^^^You can try to call your closest Coach outlet, sometimes they show up there. But these bags are older, so your best bet would be ebay. Good luck!
  8. thanks! i've checked ebay, but they seem to be popular in the camel color not whiskey.. i'll keep looking.
  9. Yeah, you'd do best to check ebay or possibly your outlet...you're probably going to get a better price at the outlet. I got a black one at the outlet in October.
  10. Yes the whiskey is a little harder to find. just save it as a search and ebay will let you know when one is posted for sale.
  11. yeah, i agree with LAltiero85 definitely check your closest Coach outlet or even if you have a trusted SA to check around for you. I picked up my Coach Gigi back in the summer, so it might be hard to locate one.
  12. thanks!! i will continue my search.