Handbags for hire!?

  1. Hello from a handbag crazy bagtramp!

    Far be it from me to start advertising my website, what with being a newbie and all :okay:, but I was wondering if any of you could answer some questions I have. I am launching a new handbag hire website in the UK which is currently under development, and really want to promote some new lesser know designers like Erva, Aristolasia, Elisa Atheniense, to sit alongside Gucci, Fendi, Dior and the other usual suspects.

    First of all, I was wondering what your general opinion on handbag hiring is? And second of all, it'd be great to know what bags you would really love to see available for hire.

    thanx for your time!
  2. Personally I would never hire a handbag. A months hire could be the same price as buying it outright..(if you know where to shop)

    However if I was to hire a bag, as a UK tPF-er myself, I would like to see brands available for hire that you cant buy in the UK, like Kooba, and Isabella Fiore. :yes:
  3. Thanks for your reply Halzer. You are, of course absolutely right about a months hire being the same as the cost of some bags, which is exactly what we want to get away from - we'll mainly be featuring bags that are super expensive, and even with the right knowledge of where to buy them, you wouldn't pay anywhere near what it costs to rent them...otherwise it would be pointless. Plus there's the added bonus of being able to swap your bags as often as you like, amongst other things. Really interesting about Kooba and Isabella Fiore, I didn't realise you couldn't get them here...thanks x