Handbags feedback

  1. Need your feedback ladies.

    We are trying to find out what kind of handbags young women today prefer to use in order to hold their personal everyday accessories while doing shopping or just hanging out with friends at the a local mall.

    Please describe your favorite handbag that you, yourself use or prefer to use, if you could afford it.

    Thank you
  2. i prefer tote bag!
    and in leather
    preferably in slouchy leather or caviar

    lately i've been wearing balenciaga and chanels
  3. well it has to be leather - and LIGHTWEIGHT

    Recently I got a few Juicy Couture leather bags and after I used them, I keep getting backpain!

    As for style, I go all over the place - if I am shopping I want a bag I can put on my shoulder so my hands are free, if I am just going out for dinner, hanging out with friends, I like to use totes,
  4. I like bags that can be worn on the shoulder or the arm - anything that has a bit of versatility. Big enough to hold an A5 book, small enough to carry comfortably all day... the bigger the bag, the lighter it should be empty (my MJ is too heavy when it's stuffed! Love it anyway :love: )
  5. Thank you all,

    We got a few good tips from you...
  6. I cannot tell until I see the bag style.