Handbags & E-Coli ~ protect u & your bag!

  1. Ok so I was watching Jillian's newsstory sometime last week and I completely forgot to mention this but here it goes:

    the news report was saying that e-coli is a common germ found on handbags because we aren't too careful about where we put them...and I was kind of laughing because Jillian had said 'yes, I have e-coli on my balenciaga thank you very much" but she had a good point -

    when we go out to eat or to a club or whatever, many people just toss the bag onto the floor - i know that I am guilty of floor-bagging but I am going to be much more careful esp now that I know that gross germs like that are prevalent..especially as the days start warming up for summer. :sick:

    anyway, just a heads up - I saw these little 'purse hook' things at the mall once and I think I will go back to get a couple to have so that I can hang my bag on the back of a chair or something...i dunno anyone have any ideas?
  2. I would never throw my LV bag on the floor. I wont even let my bf touch it :P Thanks for the info:flowers:
  3. Yeah, I heard that story too. Pretty gross! I try not to put my bags on the floor, but sometimes there's no where else to put them! What's the purse hook things? Where did you find them?
  4. Presumably, that would mean that the more expensive and/or cherished the bag, the less likely it is to be put on the floor; so the more germ-free the bag will be! :idea:

    Yet another argument for buying expensive bags!!! :lol:

    If I'm at a restaurant with a large bag and there's a free chair, I put my bag on that and then stare worriedly at the waiters, when they go anywhere near it carrying food! Alternatively, if I'm carrying a clutch, I'll put it on the table and then grab it, as the food is served.

    They must think I'm pretty strange. :weird:

    The biggest risk to bags, from e-coli, must be bathroom floors, surely?! :yucky: :sick:

    I like the idea of those hooks (providing they don't stretch, or mark the leather!), but I'm not sure if you can get them here.
  5. well my thing was to keep it on my floor with my foot through the handle so no one could steal it - as both my mom and I have had our bags stolen at differnt times/places so I am a bit paranoid about it. Another time when I tend to loose awareness of my bag being on the floor or not is when I am out drinking at a nightclub or happy hour. After a couple of drinks, bacteria on my bag just doesn't seem that important lol!
  6. Does the hook have to match the bag??? :shocked:

    Are the overly anal of us now going to have a collection of bag hooks in a variety of colors and styles? :yes:
  7. I never put my bags on the floor....never! Even if it is a tiny table at a café in Paris, I will hold it on my lap before throwing it on the floor...and, if I am at a party, I carry an evening bag with a chain...a bag as tiny as possible so that it is part of my outfit....
  8. I had my Jennifer Marvin pink Mia bag with me on an airplane once, and I thought I wouldn't survive it coming through the other side of the X-ray conveyor belt thing! Eeeeeuuuwwww....!
  9. I usually never place any of my handbags on the floor but thanks for the information-it's always good to know these things!
  10. I wouldn't really be too worried about any bacteria on your bag, anyway. If you wash your hands routinely and don't actually eat your bag you won't get sick from anything. Really it's common sense. I don't like to put my "good" bags on the floor, either. Someone on here once said she balances her bag on the top of her feet when no other option is available, I do the same now. Also, even if you do put your bag on the floor, you don't put the handles down there, so it's not like there's a lot of floor stuff on the handles. I'd be more worried about getting germs on the handles if you don't wash your hands after using the bathroom, that's way more likely to cause trouble!
  11. I do this when there's no empty seat to place my bag on. It works just fine.
  12. You're not supposed to eat the bag? :roflmfao:

    On a more serious note, I like the balancing on the foot tip! I never thought of that. I had considered the bag hooks (and yes, people will have collections of those!:lol: ), but I would knock it off anyway.
  13. The purse hook sounds like a good idea. I just looked them up on ebay and am thinking of getting one. Hopefully it doesn't stretch my handles too much...does anyone know if they do this?
  14. How does that hook work? I check that website but have no idea how it works..any table? any surface?