handbags don't break hearts.

  1. so this morning i get a call from my boyfriend. he's leaving me for another guy. yeah. so i cried for a bit. and then went out to visit a little store i like to call gucci.




    retail therapy + hannah montana = :heart:
  2. Hey, he just got outta the way for bigger and better things to come into your life. Gucci is a good start...:winkiss:
  3. aww,
    are you ok ?
    about your boyfriend?:confused1:
  4. R u ok??? your new wallet is same as by bf's.
    Hope you find "happy days" with new wallet and bag..^^
  5. Congrats on your new Gucci Goodies! I hope the retail therapy helped...
  6. Ohhh, lovely purchases!
  7. hope you feel better!

    who needs men when you have gucci?? :heart:
  8. Aww you poor baby- why would anyone leave you when you have such great tastes in bags?

    Dry your eyes honey and don't waste any tears on him. He isn't worth it.
  9. You hang in there sweetie. I guarantee your beautiful Gucci bags will last a life time as for the guy (Sheesh!).........cant wait to see what your new future holds. Lots of hugs coming your way. And just send a pm if ya ever feel like venting. Were all here for you!!
  10. Now that's how to overcome the break-up blues!!! You go GUCCI fan!!!
  11. That is such SWEET revenge........
  12. **one million hugs** he's a loser. :noworry:

    your new gucci's are gorgeous by the way!!! the bag is cute and very urban chic and i want that wallet!!!
  13. i agree with staci b - why would anyone leave you when you have such great tastes in bags?! forget the loser...

    drool on the wallet, was just looking at that awhile ago together with the white guccisima bi-fold...
  14. lovely purchases.
  15. Unless handbags get ruined...