Handbags at SCP..

  1. Today I went to South Coast Plaza, and of course I went to all the big stores.

    At LV they had TONS and TONS of Nomade bags, and accessories. Also I noticed they had two Frange Speedys & a Frange Bucket. Also they had a gorgeous Natural Leather Alma.

    At Fendi they had tons of Spys. Zuccas, Satins in Black & Chocolate brown, Pleated spys, the regular leather ones in Black & Chocolate, and the new natural color!!! Gorgeousss.

    At Hermes, they had two Birkins, and three Kellys. One Birkin of course was the Black Croc with Diamonds!! and the other one was a Blue Jean 50 in Togo leather. One Kelly was black in a 35? another was Gold in a 25, and the last was a Rouge in 50. I forgot all the leathers on the Kellys.

    Hmm in Chanel, they had tons of Luggage! Usually im intrigued by luggage, but not today, they were ehhhh. I loved the clutch I saw still! I was disappointed to see that the Lambskin had gunmetal HW! I like the caviar more since the silver HW.

    Haha I basically wanted to post this just to let people know what I saw there! If you see something you want get it!!!!
  2. Cool!

    Did you happen to see any Chloes on sale? I'm currently obsessed w/ the Silverado tote... :biggrin:
  3. I remember that BJ birkin at SCP ... I couldn't stop staring at it, the color was just so beautiful IRL! I'm still regretting not buying that Thomas Wylde skull bag at Barneys.
  4. I saw some, but I didnt get a good look at the Chloes im sorry!!

    That BJ Birkin is gorgeous! I wanted to touch it, but the security looked like he was ready to tackle me.
  5. Thank you for posting!! SCP is a great place to shop for bags:yes:
  6. That BJ Birkin is soooooooooooooo heavy! I thought about getting it for a weekend bag, but, OMG by the time you fill it up :Push: You'd need a forklift to pick it up. Very gorgeous though.:love:
  7. I remember carrying the Rouge one they had couple months back, it was heaaaaaavy. I would only stick one outfit in there hahaha.