Handbags at Pink Mascara coupon

  1. handbags 15% off with pink mascara coupon -- PMBAGSALE
  2. Hi mkp!

    Thanks for posting the code, but it did not work for me :crybaby:
    It gave me this message:
    The Coupon Code pmbagsale you entered has expired.
  3. I just received the same email message so the coupon should be valid. Perhaps if you enter it in lower case... pmbagsale
  4. do you know if it's valid for sale items?
  5. try grechen10
  6. From experience, I have learned that coupon codes do not apply towards sale items at Pink Mascara. Several months ago, I entered one, not knowing this, but for some reason their system accepted the code and applied the discount. Two days later, I received an email from them saying they would not honor the discount, and offering to ship the handbag to me at the higher price!! I tried to dispute it with them, insisting that due to their programming error the discount was applied, and that they should honor it. The lady who emailed me was very rude and insisted that it was my responsibility to determine the validity of the code, and made no apologies. She again offered the bag to me at the higher price, which I declined. I won't shop there again, no matter how great their prices are. I post their emails on tPF as I am aware that many others do shop there.