handbags at NM online

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  1. Here we go again......this is like a private sale.....
    I scored BIG last time this happened!! WhooHoo.....good luck all:yahoo:
  2. does the list auto-refresh to include newer bags? thanks!
  3. I have no idea - I just got home and checked the link I had in my favorites.
    I figured since they didn't have the link in their site, it didn't hurt to look.
    I'm keeping the page up now, and refreshing once in a while, just in case.
  4. Hitting refresh will show new bags listed...don't know about the auto refresh, but they started with only the BD bag about 2 hrs ago and have added others.
  5. I returned the Gryson Heidi tote in white last week. It was incredibly heavy- so heavy, I weighed it and it weighed 4 lbs 2 oz!!
  6. Does or has anybody owned any of these bags beside the Heidi? I was curious about the leather on the Gryson hobo and the Be&D Stella.
  7. Do they just add handbags periodically throughout the day?

    BTW My Gryson Clio is, I believe, the heaviest bag I own.
  8. I would say so, every couple of minutes I keep refreshing, and a couple of new bags showed up, and now they are gone, but I put one in my cart and it's still actually there. I'm just not sure which to order!
  9. It seems like the same bags keep coming back there. Are they all returns?
  10. I've seen them add bags as early at many times during the day.....6 am, 10 pm, 3 am!!
    Since I'm at home all day, I check the NM site about every half hour! Sick person--aren't I?? LOL!!
  11. Tell me about it......while I'm not home all day, I do the same thing.......there's something terribly wrong.....:nuts:

  12. Shockey, they could be! I think people buy the bags and then realize when they get them they don't like them and only bought them because of the deal they were getting. I saw a couple of new ones this time around, but a lot of the same ones too!
  13. And bagachondriac, you're not sick at all! I keep the handbag section open all the time at the bottom of my screen and just keep refreshing it! :smile:
  14. And what do you think about this bag?

    [​IMG]It's an Isabella Fiore on NM Last Call right now.