Handbags at Macys

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  1. I have to exchange some gifts from macys for a store credit and I would like to get a handbag but im not much of a fan of their selection. what would you say are the best quality bags at macys? any good suggestions?
  2. I would say your choices would be Coach, Dooney, Cole Haan, Ellen Tracy, Francesco Biasia, and Michael Kors to name a few. They are not couture, but they all have some cute bags. Have fun shopping.:yes:
  3. the main macys in new york has louis vuitton
  4. it depends on the macys you go to, cause some of them will sell some things that are a bit more higher end. For example the one near me sells marc by marc jacobs...i'd get one of those!
  5. Some Macys also have Coach bags that the regular Coach stores don't have yet, like the new Ergo bags.
  6. Have just been looking at Macys online handbag selection and wish to suggest that you look at the following:

    Cute little bag by Tignanello
    Macy*s - Women's - Tignanello "Newport" Small Tote


    Macy*s - Women's - Tignanello "Venezia" Multizip Pocket Shoulder Bag


    Maxximum (Maxx New York) bags are also worth a look:
    Macy*s - Women's - Maxximum "Christie" Satchel


    New line B Makowsky
    Macy*s - Women's - B. Makowsky "Tribeca" Shopper


    Suzy mentioned Francesco Biasia - how about this Glamour Girl large shopper?

    Macy*s - Women's - Francesco Biasia "Glamour Girl Collection" Large Shopper

  7. Depends what Macys you go to. I would say a regular Macys best bags would include Coach, Dooney, and Michael Kors.
  8. Macys near me have a selection limited to Coach, D&B, Michael Kors, and no-name brands. None of those designers speak to me, but I have purchased their Brahmin handbags and must say that they are wonderful. Unique, beautiful, and not too expensive. They hold up great, too. They come up with some weird styles but a lot of their stuff is very elegant. They exude quality without being showy or too common.
  9. I know it's not high-end designer, but Coach has some great bags out and about to come out and Macy's carries them.

    I also love the B. Makowsky tribecca shopper passerby posted.

    On a different note, I love the I.N.C. clothing line that Macy's has and they had some really cute coats last winter - perhaps a suggestion if the bags don't do it for you.
  10. Can you go online to macy's and use the credit there?
  11. Ooooh, I love INC as well. Cute stuff. I wish I lived near a Macys with LV and higher end merchandise. :drool: It's difficult to find anything high end in Columbus, Ohio.

    I don't think you can use a credit online, but I suppose you could call and find out.:s They won't have higher end items online.:sad:
  12. The best quality our Macy's has to offer at the moment here in Southwest Florida is Aigner, Fossil or Dooney........not a good selection.....:s
  13. i don't think the louis vuitton boutique in nyc herald square macys counts as part of macys...correct me if i'm wrong? don't think they'll let you use macys credit there if it's a separate entity...it would be hot if they did though :P
  14. Michael Kors, trust me on this one - Absolutely fantastic quality!
  15. The Macy's near me has a Coach and a Kate Spade counter, plus Michael Kors, which are gorgeous bags!