Handbags as real estate *pics* Chanel, Hermes, D&G, Posen and more!

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  1. From the NY times. I thought I would post in here also because we had several threads going about cost of different bags vs Chanel.

    So I guess we know where the Chanel girls live!

  2. That's BRILLIANT, Maxter! Thanks for posting!!!!
  3. If the price per inch is accurate, why did Chanel really raise those prices?
    Sour grapes in my mouth.
  4. Love that piece! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Very clever...thanks for posting.
  6. HA! Brilliant! Thanks for posting!
  7. love it. THanks for posting!
  8. Love it!!! :p
  9. Thats really interesting! Thanks for posting
  10. great illustration. thanks for sharing!
  11. haha! very cute post.
  12. thats so cool!
  13. But thats not very fair considering they took a teeeny seasonal evening bag in an exotic skin to compare with the more common/classic lines of each designer including the Hermes.

    The typical USD3k classic frm Chanel would be a much larger 2.55 Jumbo, modern chain tote, Cerf, approx 1.5 of a GST ...
  14. if my hubby see this he'll kill me. Thoughtful analogy.
  15. lol i love this!!!!! thanks for sharing =)