Handbags as real estate *pics* Chanel, Hermes, D&G, Posen and more!

  1. As per request from Rose:

    From the NYtimes Fashion Mag

    So where do you live?

  2. Thanks maxter!
  3. You're welcome! So where do you live? I'm surprised they used such an expensive Chanel and rather inexpensive Hermes. They could've used an alligator Hermes and really brought up the price per square inch.
  4. I live in NJ, near Princeton, where the price of real eatate :shocked: There was an interesting article in one of the newspapers here that said that NJ is the most affluent state in the US. If NJ was 'removed' from the rest of the US, it would be the richest country in the world!!!!

    So in tems of handbags, I would compare it to a Birkin (diamond croc at that!).

    So why does NJ not have an H store :shrugs:
  5. ^ I figured it would be the other way around also... Interesting none the less.

    I am an Upper West Sidder at :heart: Ha
  6. yes, I wonder what that would be in terms of price per square inch?
  7. It's hard to tell the size of the Hermes bag they used in the pic. But if you knew the price of that one you could figure out $/square inch if you knew the price of the same size bag in croc.

    I'm hoping somebody here can do a rough estimate.
  8. Interesting article.

    Can some one tell the color and leather of those two hermes? Beautiful!
  9. ^^^^That's the same bag. The Kelly Flat. Just shows the bag folded and unfolded. Looks like etoupe Swift.
  10. ^^^ ahh, I never knew you could fold it like that. How cool!
  11. that's very interesting.

    megs- i'm a born and raised upper west sider. :smile:

    the flat kelly is new right? that's why they used it i'm sure- to sell more of them.
  12. ^^^^Yeah? I'm on the other side of town. Upper East Side. Whereabouts? I go to the Upper West Side every once in a while to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Mama Mexico, on 102nd and Broadway.
  13. That was fun!!
  14. i am right behind lincoln center and julliard. do you know lincoln towers? i grew up on 70th and west end so i only live 3 blocks from home. pathetic. lol. how about you? mama mexico is good!
  15. ^^^Yes it is!!! I'll PM you my location.