Handbags as real estate *pics* Chanel, Hermes, D&G, Posen and more!

  1. From the NYtimes Fashion Magazine:
  2. So, where do you live?
  3. How intersting! Could you post this in the H forum too, I am sure the ladies will be very interested.
  4. Sure, I really found it interesting. I'm thinking about posting it in Chanel also.
  5. Don't live in NY but if considering the equivalent here - the Luella (minus the pets - not for me) but hoping to upgrade to either Devi Kroell (haha no work, just fun), hermes (phew, wish that.....) but I guess it may be the burberry...

    This is a nice article! Thanks!

    How about you? (judging by your avatar - CHANEL?? ;)
  6. Yep, I :heart: Chanel. But I have to admit I'm starting to have an affair with Bottega Veneta. Sshhhh!
  7. LOL...cute article!
  8. What Hermes bag is that??? It's beautiful!
  9. Never mind BV, come over to the dark side.....:devil:
  10. It's the new foldable Kelly. The same bag shown folded and unfolded.
  11. Quit tempting me!! I do have 2 pair of Hermes Shoes though.
  12. OMG!!!! so cute!
    what a GREAT article idea :yes:

    thanks for posting :smile:
  13. I :heart: that bag! Let me guess, mega bucks and rarer than a ... well something very rare indeed! :graucho:
  14. Thanks for posting maxter! Whoever came up with this concept is genius, this is a fab idea. Maybe LA should be next on the map...
  15. Cool post! If I could choose, I'd live in the Hamptons/Devi Kroell area.