Handbags and Snow

  1. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I just moved to Chicago two days ago and its snowed today! What do you do with your nice bags in regards to the snow? I have a leather bag and it got all wet. Do you just carry bags that aren't so nice or will the wetness not mess with the bag much?
  2. In all honesty, I just carry what I want. Bags are meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy 'em!
  3. I live in a Chicago suburb.

    Honestly, I just carry the bags, snow or not. They are usually durable enough to withstand a little moisture. I'm more worried about my shoes, to be quite honest. :shame:
  4. Hi ! I'm a native Houstonian but I go to school in Chicago ! Most of my bags are canvas and they really hold up in snowy weather ! I carried my Coach Carly today and it was perfect !
  5. Welcome to Chicago!! A great, fun town!!! SO Okay I'm no expert but I agree bags are to be enjoyed but be a little smart about it. If you don't carry a bag due to snow, that's a long time to not carry a bag- at least on my-the opposite-side of the Lake which is prime lake effect territory and it can snow daily here for weeks on end, if the tempature of the air and the water is right!!That being said I chose not carry my brand new Rebecca Minkoff MA today but will bring it out later. I think you have to be smart about it and spray a water protectant generously if possible. Also I have learned from this forum alot of women carry a spare plastic bag for these sorts of emergencies! A great use for recycling/reuse those horrid plastic bags from the grocery store! But at some point you will just have to go for it and Enjoy!! Otherwise you will never enjoy the bag except for those few and WAY too far between beautiful days!
  6. Thank you so much for all the advice! I was worried about it today when we were apartment hunting.

    Bhalpop...lake effect territory?? Do you mean downtown? We are looking at apts in the gold coast area..will it snow a lot? I am new to the snow..I almost went flying off my feet today!
  7. I guess I was too subtle. Not usually something I'm considered.:lol: No I live in Michigan tho' i grew up in Chicago Near North suburbs. So luckily I can answer that it all depends on how the wind is blowing that day off the lake. There have been times when downtown gets snowed in and burbs have nothing and others when it's just the opposite. Lake effect snow bands tend to be about 5 miles wide. Chicago has a relatively low snow total compared to "our" side of lake because the predominant wind pattern blows west to east, or from Chicago across the lake. Another phenomon is that most lake effect is dumped more than 5 miles away from the lake shore. so it's pretty rare that downtown gets a good hard deep LAKE driven snow. system snow is something else. Enough already... Can you tell I work with weather?
  8. I just have this fabulous thought that if you spend hundreds on a bag, it should be able to withstand a bit of rain/snow.
  9. I live in Seattle and face the same problems with rain. While I agree bags should withstand the elements, I know that rain on leather is not the greatest. I spray my bags with leather protectant and always carry a plastic bag inside them. If it starts raining alot, I throw my bag in the plastic bag. I want my bags to last a long time!!
  10. Same here... I've been known to wear suede in the rain and snow... It drives other people INSANE, but I don't care...
  11. I carry any bag I want in the snow. I've never had a problem with ruining a handbag because of it.
  12. Great post, my bag. I may have to get a few of them. I hate those plastic bags they give at the grocery store but never have a reusable with me when needed. And the 24/7 bag would be great to just carry around in my handbag until needed and keep a few of the first ones in the car. Much better than my idea of stuffing a plastic bag in ziploc, but then you have to carry around an ugly, cheap logoed plastic bag on top of my lovely handbag. And may I repeat, much better for our Earth.
  13. If I waited for only sunny days to carry my bags, I would have more bags than days to carry them.:rolleyes:
  14. Welcome to Chicago. The weather stinks, so enjoy your bags! I never worry about the weather either. I figure I might as well use a bag than save it and have it stay "pristine" in the closet.