Handbags and Lifestyle?

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  1. Does anyone feel that their lifestyle dictates what type of bag to use? Seems like many of you on this forum are students or young urban working women, while I am a middle-age suburban stay-at-home mom. I live in jeans and like a funky handbag to balance my boring clothes. In the suburb where I live I would feel just silly carrying a LV bag! Plus I don't necessarily like other people knowing exactly how much I paid for something.

    What is a bag-lover to do?
  2. Basically me too. Only I work part time (at night) in a liquor store. Buy I buy what I like. Plus no one needs to know what you paid. If someone gets bossy with me about a designer bag, I tell them it was a gift.

    I live in black clothing, so I like the funky bags too. Plus I hate the whole "Soccer Mom" look for me. So it's bags and boots to funk it up at bit. In fact, I don't even own sneakers!
  3. Absolutely. I am a business woman, and wear suits and heels and conservative purses to work. At home, I'm jeans and flats and hobos all the way.
  4. This thread provokes a question on my part. Do you all think that a Botkier Trigger hobo is too big to work as a day time purse for a business woman? How big is too big for business wear, anyway?
  5. I don't think that it is too big for business wear, especially if you carry a lot to work. I carry an MJ Stella bag, and I am fairly certain that it is larger than the Botkier.
  6. I had a Botkier Trigger bag. I LOVED it, but it was way too heavy, big, and bulky for me to realistically carry. Sadly, I returned it. I wish they'd make a smaller, lighter version.
  7. I buy what I like and then go with what's appropriate for my outfit. Or not. I wear casual clothes 99% of the time, and I have no problem carrying a Brahmin or LV. The Bally would be pushing it though. :lol:
  8. you know what I love unique & fun handbags... I have bought about 6 or 7 handbags from http://www.littlearth.com because they've got everything from designer style purses with Swarovski crystals to funky license plate purses!
    *don't me wrong I love my coach and prada purses but my littlearth bags just make a statement!
  9. YES, my choice in handbags is totally indicative of my lifestyle. I need big, roomy, easy to get into and durable.
    I'm a SAHM in the suburbs of Dallas, but my current fave is my Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal.
    I like funky too, I'm dying for a couple of IF bags.
  10. Well, the different aspects of my lifestyle dictate which bag I carry. I'm a university professor, so during the day I tend to carry a large bag that can hold papers and such, usually one of my MJ Stellas or my Kooba Sienna. For going out, I don't like tiny bags, so I often carry something like one of my MJ Stams or my paddington. I'm a mom, too, so I like to have room in my bag for whatever I might need.
  11. I guess my handbag collection is like my life .... a little bit of everything .... one day I'll be riding my motorcycle ... the next day I'll be at work at the courthouse ... the next day I'll have a formal to go to .... the next day I'll go out for a casual dinner with friends ... I also take several trips each year for pleasure .... at this point I pretty much have a bag for every occasion .... lol