Handbags and color

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  1. I know that some of us favor bright colorful handbags and others love neutrals. I've always loved handbags in almost any color, although I do favor bright colors or the cool neutrals like black, grey, navy. But I didn't realize how much my handbag color and how it coordinates with my outfits could affect my mood!

    I wanted to give my oyster pebble leather satchel an outing. I bought it a while ago and it's been sitting and waiting it's turn. I never seemed to have an outfit that called out for the oyster. Yesterday I was just running to the grocery store and it was pouring.... perfect day for pebbled leather. I was wearing light denim jeans with a navy T shirt. Normally I would have chosen a bright color handbag. But I packed up the oyster and off I went. Every time I looked at the handbag, instead of making me smile, I felt as if my outfit was off somehow. The whole look was just too drab and the shade of the oyster color just didn't work well with the light denim jeans. I took out a pink bag when I got home and the look was much better. I tried yellow, orange, red, and light green, and they were good too.

    So, is it just me? When you wear a neutral outfit with a neutral handbag, do you feel sophisticated and put together? Or are you craving that pop of color?
  2. I think the oyster shade goes well with pinks, mauves and purples. I sent my logo lock in oyster back just the other day. I loved the shade but something felt a bit off and it was too expensive not to love it. I ended up with a Coach edie in teal that I find perfect for summer.
  3. swags: thanks. I do think the oyster would look better with bright colors or prints. I'm having trouble pairing the oyster with anything other than black, white, and navy. I think part of the problem is that the oyster looks so different inside (very putty shade) to outside (more mauve).
  4. I've always been one to carry a colored handbag. The only neutral bag I have is my LV mono speedy 30. I only have it bc I had wanted one since I was 19. There's just something ab a pop of color in a handbag that makes me smile. Currently I'm carrying the pebble leather zip zip in mint.

  5. I agree... Some say oyster is a neutral shade, however I think differently. I think it's pretty hard to pair. Just my opinion
  6. I usually prefer neutral colors, but I have one red and pink bags from Furla I use sometimes, but not as often as black or brown.
  7. I finally found a great color to wear with my oyster Dooney.... it works beautifully with a periwinkle blue shirt. The shirt is bright enough to offset the soft color of the handbag. The undertones of both are similar.
  8. This is a great thread because I'm the reverse! My wardrobe has tons of floral and bright prints, that all of my handbags and shoes are neutral. I contemplated getting a red handbag, but didn't think I can use it as much.
  9. Huh....glad to see this thread. To me the oyster zip zip looks so lovely - so lady like! But I just didn't feel sure that I'd be able to pair it with things in my particular wardrobe very often - and I like to stick to bags I can wear a lot. But it's just so darn pretty and unique! I had to resist buying it to just let it sit and admire it. Though....ha, if money were no obstacle, I can think of a few items I'd just have for showcasing :biggrin:
  10. Oyster is a lovely color.... and I bought a pebble leather oyster Dooney. I found I had trouble finding colors that I thought it really worked well with. It went with a lot, but didn't make my outfits pop or look polished.
  11. I usually carry neutrals (black or bone) but a pop of color with a black outfit makes me feel good!