Handbags addiction and It's still not enough

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  1. Anyone here feel the same? One never is never enough.. Lol...women used to say " ok this is my final purchase" but u end up buy the bags again n again...hahahhaha..i do feel the same. I have promised to my self not to buy another handbags again at least this year, after i have purchased the chanel maxi flap last tuesday. But now..i feel like i want more more and more.. Lol. Anyone feel the same like i do? Come and share ur experience and how is ur spouse reaction? Are they annoyed with ur hobbies? Im lucky to have a husband who is really understand my hobby but he always advice me not spend too much $$$$ on handbags..i can buy it at least 3 bags per year but dont buy it like 4 bags for every month. Lol. And my mum told me..i better invest on some gold jewelleries instead of handbags hahahaha! But i told her that the high end branded handbags are good for investment as the price is increased every year. Lol.. So here are some of my collections. I need to clean my wardrobe after left home for about 1 week home for the vacations 😝 so they need to sleep for a while hahahha

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  2. You're def. not alone, my dear! HAHAHA! I just got my first Chanel and now I'm already scouring the forum doing research for the next bag! Thank god my hubby is understanding! But we still have an upcoming house to renovate, so I probably have to buy smaller leather items instead of big purchases. Lovely collections you have there, btw!
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    Yes handbags are just highly addictive! Luckily there is no Chanel boutique at the current location we are serving.....:smile: so DH is still ok with the bags I bring back every time .
    Btw, love your Alma! They look lovely and elegant! I used to love the vernis at LV but after one beige vernis got unremovable rain stains on, I gave up....
    Wish you more handbags to come! Cheers
  4. What is ur first chanel bag congrats for ur first chanel and welcome to the addictive world! Hahahahaha.. Yeah..house is more important but handbags are also important too..especially for us. Hahahaha.. Omg and now i dream for the chanel gst and lv alma epi pm in cyan
  5. My hubby told me from all teh collections that i have, that alma in red is the most beautiful. Yeah..beautiful than the chanel flap bag.Lol. Hahahha.. I purchased it in 2012 n that time i was having cold and fever. But i forced my self to the lv boutique and luckily my husband asked me why dont u take this red bag. It's stunning. And i feel recovered instantly..yeah what a speedy recovery. Hahahhaha.. No more fever! :yahoo::roflmfao:
  6. One is never enough, probably has to do with dopamine in our brain. :smile:
    I wanted to see if I can work on minimalistic project on my bags :smile: wish me luck ladies ha ha
  7. Girl, I hear you! I have 30 bags from LV, Chanel, etc (not including clutches) and still pine for more. It's never ending and dangerous! Luckily I'm trying to edit down my collection before buying anything new. So it helps me feel a little less wasteful.
  8. Yup i totally agree. I started with Gucci, worked to LV, Bottega, prada and then on to chanel. after getting a Jumbo, GST, timeless clutch, WOC, mini, cambon tote i said i only need a M/L in my collection and thats it...got that and still looking for the next. I also said that once i got a birkin i will never get another handbag. Thats a lie - im looking for the next chanel to add to my collection - something with colour...i have since sold some bags :sad: Its sad. But it needed to be done...
  9. Yeah... I'll never have enough of it. Sigh. I always say it's the last bag but it never works haha. Although this year I have one more bag to get really soon and I swear it'll be my last bag purchase for this year :P
  10. Lots of ladies on TPF can relate.
    I think the best advice I have seen is One In One Out.....
  11. OP you have a beautiful collection of bags. Many of them, IMO, will stand the test of time.

    For me, I have no bags on my immediate radar. I agree with your mom that you should buy jewelry especially gold, diamonds and platinum as they hold their value. Buy some actual gold bars if you can! You can gift them to your kids when they graduate college, or get an advanced degree, or have kids etc.

    Bags are a fine hobby to have but like everything else in life if they throw off whatever balance/harmony you should have, then they will no longer bring joy or satisfaction.

    Anyway, enjoy your bag journey, endeavor for some discipline and have fun along the way :smile: Avoid the buy-a-bag-for-the-thrill chase if you can, if I may say.

    Good luck!