Handbags a health hazards?

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  1. Same as lugging two kids around on your hip all day.

    And lifting anything heavy...the wrong way, kwim?
  2. My back doctor picks up my purse every single time I'm in there. I don't carry much (wallet, makeup case, glasses and cell phone), but he tells me every time that my purse is borderline on what I should carry. Geezzz. I buy light purses. I don't think I can downsize any more!!
  3. I'm seriously debating against the LV Deauville, even with a strap, after reading that. I don't want to aggravate my right shoulder, which I already injured carrying a heavy bag for traveling! It took such a long time to heal and rehabilitate, too.
  4. If I could shorten the hours away from home, I would carry a lighter bag. Until then, a big bag it is!
  5. Whatever! This article was written by a man....I'm not taking this seriously! I still love my big bags. And I don't hunch down like quasimodo in the mall! As if!