Handbaglvrs thread on her outlet finds was moved- all the photos were lost!

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  1. Hi:

    I am sorry if I am out of line here but handbglvrs thread was moved to the Outlets Thread all you want to know permanent thread. In the process all of her photos where handbaglvr showed what is available were lost in the transfer. Why is this? Now other people who did not see the Original thread will not know all the items available. You did not even move her list of what is available, at least I do not see it.

  2. The photos are still there - I can still see them. I don't know why they got moved to the Coach eBay/retailer thread though and not the outlets thread :wacko:

    We really need some Coach mods :sweatdrop:
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I saw it in the Outlet thread but all the photos were gone. I guess they moved it to the wrong place.

  4. Can someone put the link here??

    I can find the thread, I have been trying for the last half hour.

  5. I can't wait till we get mods.
  6. Thank you SO much for this thread! I had told two people to check out her thread and they couldn't find it so I looked and neither could I! Never would've thought to look there.
  7. swanky does the best she can guys. it's okay.

    eta: didn't it get moved to eBay/retailer thread anyways? not the outlet?
  8. ^ nobody was suggesting otherwise. We all :heart: Swanky.

    We just need Coach mods too =)
  9. oh, i know. but i just don't think it's necessary to make a new thread, that's all. mistakes happen. :yes:
  10. ^ Yeah, I agree. I guess people aren't aware that moved links are still on the main page and you can click the link to take you to where the thread's been moved.

    ETA - I didn't read the OP's entire first post bc I just kinda skimmed it. It is a bit harsh, but I'm guessing she was just frustrated that she couldn't find the thread.
  11. Oh well. I was just posting outlet finds anyways!:shrugs:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.