Handbaga HORROR stories

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  1. Okay, here is my biggest handbag horror story:

    Last night my boyfriend and I are out at dinner at a Thai restaurant on the Upper West Side with family friends. We order dumplings. I have my new Silverado, the FIRST day I used it. I put it on the chair to avoid getting it dirty on the floor. Suddelny the food server comes over with our appetizers...and spills soy sauce ALL OVER the bag! I almost burst into tears. I was trying so hard not to make a big deal out of it in front of our friends. But it was COVERED in soy sauce - and the bag is cognac.

    THe ending is happy one: I doused the bag in cups of water and it came out! It looks a bit distressed now, but I was SO relieved.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that, Fendi! That's why I bring small clutches with me when I am going out somewhere nice: small enough to fit in my lap and be covered with a napkin. Glad to hear the bag survived.
  3. Yowch! I hate when I feel I have to protect my handbag! They are such an investment of $ and love but you hate to call attention to that. Glad it all worked out in the end.
  4. U would of died ............but glad to hear its ok
  5. The leather looks much more distressed now. Other than that it looks alright...

    I am afraid to bring it anywhere now though...It was so upsetting! Esp. because I have waited for that handbag for months. Why didn't I just bring a black bag with me?!

    A similar thing happened the first time I wore my white suit. It started pouring while I was on the commuter bus to NJ to see my boyfriend's family. When we got off the bus, we had to walk over some grass (and mud) to the car and the suit was ruined. I sprayed shout on it which turned it yellow. Luckily, Theory at Saks took it back, but maybe I should stick to all black in the future.
  6. I think you are brave to wear a white suit!
  7. haha, never again. BIG mistake. That is something best reserved for celebrities with drivers and handlers and bodyguards, not mere mortals like me!
  8. I know it is very difficult to work as a waitor/waitress - but did you at least get an apology? And did anyone at the restaurant offer to have your bag professionally cleaned because of the incident?

    This is one of those things where I probably would have turned into one those customers they write about at the Live Journal community Customers Suck!
    (Some of the stories are hysterical, but most of the time they just ***** about people who ask what they consider to be stupid questions)
  9. ^^^Yeah, some sort of compensation should have been offered, especially since it wasn't your fault.
  10. Actually they were very nice. They offered to clean it and apologized. And I did not get mad as I am not the type to yell at someone - I would feel way too guilty because I have been a hostess and a bartender, cashier, salesperson and every other customer service job you can imagine while in college and law school. I just nearly cried until I saw that the damage was not bad.
  11. That's nice you didn't make a scene. Sometimes freakin' out wouldn't solve the problem at hand. :biggrin:

    I agree with Greendrv though. I try to bring clutches whenever I go to outings. (Anything that I can place on my lap or at the back of my chair. LOL Never on the floor though! :nuts: )

    But sometimes you just have to bring your nice bags (especially after work/school).

    That's just how it goes... :Push:
  12. I find myself holding my bag on my lap like a little child everytime I go out. I dare not set it on the ground because I am afriad of a)what is on the ground b)if someone steps on it somehow or kicks it out and c)if something could be spilled on it!

    I am that girl who hold it in my lap with my arms over it. I would just hate to see if something spilled on it-- although it is not the end of the world--- with some bags it may be!! We all know how hard it is to find some bags and actually be able to purchase them!
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  13. Has anyone ever seen the internet banners for the purse hook?

    It's a pretty handy item that is small enough to carry in your purse and you hook it to a surface and then hang your bag off of it so that you don't have to put it on the floor.
  14. I've seen that! But what I love is the story that anywhere the Queen of England goes to eat must install a hook beneath the table for her handbag. I wonder what she has to carry?

    A few months back, my husband and I ate with some friends at Per Se in NYC (dinner for two runs about what a new Paddington costs). The two women sat down and we set our bags on the floor at our feet. A waiter bustled over immediately with a small tuffet (for lack of a better word), set it between our seats and placed our bags on the tuffet. It was adorable.
  15. Perfect! Now that's a sign of great service!

    I think if you're going to spend a significant amount of money on a bag, you might as well spend a few extra bucks for a tool to protect it. If the prices on purses keep spiraling out of control, the next time you buy a Paddington, Geico will offer you an insurance policy on it.