Handbag with strap that goes across the body - ideas please!

  1. Ideally it would have:

    classic brown or black color
    an adjustable strap
    free of logos or at least very subtle
    stitching would not be white

    Thanks for your time.
  2. If you can find one, I'd be thrilled to know what it is! I can't find a good size cross body bag. I think they're either too big or too small.
  3. Have you tried the Kooba Annie? It's a nice size. It does have studding on the strap, not sure if you like that or not. I think it is beautiful...
  4. Moni Moni Splendor!

  5. Cute, I like the Moni Moni ones =p
  6. lookup Francesco Biasia on ebags.com. The Hip Colette is a nice crossbody bag that fits your description. HTH.
  7. I have no idea, sorry - have never bought anything from there and I am terrible at authenticating unless it's a really bad fake :rolleyes:
    I have seen a fair amount of Marc by MJ though, and the ones on this site look genuine to me... On the other hand it seems a bit funny that all the accessories are 30% off :confused1:

    Sorry I am not of more help!
  8. hayden harnett has a couple of cross body bags...i would definitely check them out...as a matter of fact
    has a couple of the hh cross body bags on sale!
  9. I'm on the same hunt, except I also have the requirement that it be a soft smooshy leather (so that it conforms to me) cross-body bag.

    I like Rapp & Posavek's Bailey, but I question whether they even make bags anymore since the page hasn't been updated it a while.
  10. Coach has some leather bleeker duffles that can be shoulder or crossbody bags. The leather is really supple, and they are pretty discreet--no big logos, etc. You can always take the hang tag off as well...

    I have small kids, so I can't seem to keep up with them in public unless I have a crossbody bag!:nuts:
  11. How about Balenciaga's messenger bag or courier? Black, cross-body sling with adjustable strap, moulds to body, gorgeous leather, no brand-name visible. Messenger is smaller than the courier. oh, and the besace too! Check out the pics in the Balenciaga forum!