Handbag website, Are they REAL?

  1. They sell Gucci, Fendi, Chloe, etc. Just want to know if they are real. HandBag Shop I dont know if this has already been talked about. I just want to know before ordering!
  2. Maybe someone else has some more info than I, but I have a Dior saddle bag that is very similar to those picture, but is smaller and it was $250 about a year - year and a half ago. I saw bags @ Dior in Boston this past summer similar to the Dior bags that are pictured and they were quite a bit more expensive. I don't have any experience with that site, but I am weary --I don't have any proof though.

    Hopefully someone else can help more than I can.
  3. no, not real! Dior Gauchos are not $200!
  4. Okay, I just looked at the other listings and I don't think those are real. I am not an expert on those brands, but the Chloe Paddington for $169?! No way. That is much too good to be true. Don't order from them (IMHO.)
  5. The grammar and spelling are enough to make me run away. Then there are the bags, the stupid low prices....well, you get the idea! :yucky:
  6. Thanks for the replies. I thought that maybe they were not real but they look like some good knockoffs.
  7. All the Gauchos look incredibly fake, especially the lambskin links which are too orange. This site sells fakes :sad:
  8. With a website like that, and pictures I don't believe they're real.
  9. Ew..definitely not real. :yucky:
  10. The plastic wrap around the handles is often a dead giveaway for fakes too.
  11. They're fake, and they're pretty hideous looking fakes at that.
  12. No way. A half-a-second glance at the Chloe Paddington and the Balenciaga is enough to know both are terrible cheap knockoffs. Sorry!
  13. not real!....
  14. anyones seees that spellings? geez.
  15. they are alll phony... the leather looks sham!