Handbag w/ 2 handles + one long strap

  1. I have been seeing this type of bag everywhere. It's a handbag that has 2 handles on it so it can be carried at the wrist or by hand, but then a long strap can be added to use over your shoulder. Here is Jessica Simpson wearing one. Does anyone have any good suggestions of who this is by or who makes a good bag like this?

    I can't copy the pics, so I have to do the link.

  2. i dunno what bag is that but it looks yummy

    Picture 1.jpg
  3. I'm not enough of an expert to ID the specific one that Jessica Simpson is carrying, but I'm a big fan of the double handle. There are lots of styles like this and the flexibility is great.
  4. it almost looks like a Moni Moni Splendor, but I can't tell for sure - it could also be an original Balenciaga (didn't they have much longer straps when first released?)
  5. I don't know which bag Jessica has but I love the double handle+long strap style. That's why I use my Balenciaga city so much. It's so versatile.
  6. Maybe the Morning After with a long shoulder strap? (ala Ms. GUNG ;) )
  7. Well, I love my grysons for that very reason! They can be used as a shoulder bag or a satchel.
  8. Banana republic had similar kind of bag and they had for couple weeks only on their website. There are other designers who have similar bag in their collection.
  9. I love that bag. It doesn't look like an older Balenciaga to me, but would be interested to know that it is.
  10. I love handbagas with handles and a long strap. I don't know what bag she's carrying though.

    Miu Miu does have many bags with two handles and one optional long strap. They're really cute. You should check them out. The Miu Miu Bow satchel is my favourite. I don't have a picture of my Miu Miu Bow, but they're many them in Prada & Miu Miu forum.
  11. i don't think it's a balenciaga, i got an older b bag with long straps, but they're not this long :smile:
  12. iluvmybags, that u mention moni moni, i visited the site ad to me it might be the splendor too :p not sure though

  13. This does look similar but I don't think the strap is long enough.