Handbag tips

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  1. Handbag Tip #1:
    Always carry a purse or handbag which is in proportion to your body size. Example: Very petite carry a small handbag not a large over powering handbag.

    Handbag Tip #2:
    If you do not have a handbag to match your shoes, carry a black handbag; this is basic, though some fashion designers disagree that belts and shoes have to match so it doesn't really matter just as long as the ensemble looks good.

    Handbag Tip #3:
    If you are a stickler on being organized, acquire handbags that have pockets, compartments and/or purses that have built in sections that will hold sunglasses, cell phones, keys, change, and etc.

    Handbag Tip #4:
    Clutch bags are fashionable, however, they can jeopardise your safety. You could be an easy target for a purse snatch or it can be easily lost.

    Handbag Tip #5:
    Always keep your handbag with you and hold close to your body. Purses have been stolen from grocery carts, snatched from behind or even straps have been cut from the shoulder.
  2. Nice tips! I like how the safety ones were added :lol:
  3. heavensent

    I like your tips but I am constantly breaking the first. i am about 5'5 medium build and i love carrying oversized bags, both totes and hobos. How big is too big?
    i guess you wouldnt say I'm petite but i'm wondering if that rule was meant to be broken with all the huge bags out now

    What does everyone else think??:wondering
  4. I agree. The oversized hobos and satchels I've seen are calling me- Miss 5'3'. LOL! I'm not really into small bags anyway.
  5. On the flip side, I recently saw a very thick woman carrying a very tiny bag. It made her look even thicker.
    As to the bag, belt, and shoes. They don't have to match but they should compliment each other and the outfit as a whole.
    (I personally don't like matching bags and shoes. It's just too much for me)
  6. I agree. Too matchy matchy makes it look like you're trying too hard (in my opinion)
    If I have a bag and shoes that happen to match then I usually wear them separately.
  7. I agree with Tip #4. I usually use clutches for parties...mostly for elegant & casual get togethers with friends & family. Usually I wear shoulder bags...
  8. I got these tips of a site

    But i think as far as big bags go , if the bag looks bigger than u step a way from the bag , and see if the have one in a smaller version .
  9. I am 5'0 and love big bags...I guess I run the gamut with this one because I can go from one extreme to the other...I love clutches and shouder bags too...In my opinion, wear what you like...I personally don't want to feel like I can't wear something because of my size ( when i carry a bag that appears to be bigger than me..it actually makes me feel thinner lol) ..Although, me being the hypocrite that I can be will say that it can look a little out of place if a clutch is worn by a much heavier woman...but then again if she loves it and it's sharp looking, I am sure it would look great..
  10. I'm 17 and 4"11 and I can NOT pull off a big bag. I have a roundish face and slim figure so I am often mistaken for a 13-year-old which sometimes can be quite embarrasing. (just so you can imagine what I look like.)

    I recently got a big bag as a gift. I loved it, then I tried it on and I just wanted to cry. It was not an exremely oversized bag, for a normal person, but it looked as if it where going to eat me. The bag itself was longer than my torso.

    Ok, I know, easy sollusion: Smaller bags.
    But what about my books, school stuff? Gym kit? I need a big bag but it just dosen't function with my small build.

    The only thing till now has been backpacks but lets face it, they're not exactly high on a 17-year-old's wishlist.

    Got any tips??
  11. Im 5 feet 3 inches and wear about a size 8-12. and the larger the hobo bag the better in my world! I will go on proudly breaking that rule!
  12. rules are meant to be broken so with that said i dont follow handbag rules lol. my mom and i were just talking about this haha. but #3, 4, and 5 are so true i agree with those!
  13. I've read that the weight of your bag should be 10% of your body weight. If you want a bigger bag - carry one made out of a lighter weight leather! Or carry a big bag, but only carry the essentials for that day in it.
  14. I have to say the only tip I follow is number 5!
  15. I am 5'3" and petite but I love big bags. I do try to avoid bags that look ridiculously oversized or are too tall, but it is possible for a small girl to wear a big bag. And large ladies definately look better with a bigger bag.