Handbag Suspicion...

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  1. Okay ladies (and gents) as you know when I joined this forum I was an Ebay-virgin; and I was extremely cautious of making Ebay purchases.

    But... after seeing the last-season bags that some of my fellow bloggers were getting I started checking out the Ebay stock...

    I found 2 B-bags (both pre-fall 2005) and started pining after them.

    The one bag was being offered by Personalshoppers and I felt confident buying her bag because of Fayden's vouching; as well as, the 1000 positive feedback she has recieved. It was her bag; no tags, no receipt, was used by her, so I got it for a good deal.

    The other bag was an ice blue city; offered by a tFS member who bought it from Ebay from another tFS member. After asking about the original tFS member durbs_girl I felt pretty confident buying this bag too.

    So, D-day - both bags are here - I pull them out...tags are perfect, bales are perfect, leather looks right, smells right, but...I just can't get accept the ice blue one entirely.

    Why oh why does each b-bag style have to have different subtle nuances???? :evil:

    I own a Twiggy and a Box (bought brand new from auth retailers) however, they do not have the same interior zipper compartments as the city's, then the medium is sewn at the sides different than the first....I am driving myself crazy - I am sure the IB City is the real deal - but, I have this little voice telling me I got duped...

    Is this normal for my first Ebay excursion??
    The first time any of you purchased an expensive bag off of Ebay did you go through this period of doubt?
    I am afraid if I carry it I will see a city and think that mine is fake - but, what if the one I see is fake??

    Now, I feel like I need to buy a city from Bal-NY to prove/disprove my bag - and that is crazy!! :shame: :sad2:

    Anyway - the 05's have had subtle changes from the 06's. :wacko: :wacko:

    If the interior tags and the bales are right shoud I just relax??

    Yes, I will post pictures, but, I am not asking for you guys to authenticate - I am merely asking if anyone else has ever had this Ebay trepidation after their first time buying??

    Thanks ladies (and gents) for reading and replying.
  2. I think it's perfectly normal to feel that way because you didn't purchase the bag from a boutique or store. I felt that way when I bought my first bag from eBay, a blue Kate Spade. But then I saw the same bag in yellow at the Off 5th Outlet at Saks and compared the two and found they were identical, and that calmed my worries.

    I hope you post pictures soon, so the B-bag experts here can help calm your nerves. I'm sure everything is fine, you just have a little case of the jitters. I can't wait to see photos, I'm sure the ice blue is gorgeous!
  3. my first recent purchase from ebay made me a bit queasy afterwards, but it was just me freaking out from being new to it! I knew I got an authentic bag....but still couldn't help it....guess its another side to bag obsessing!
  4. Thanks Cristina and soybean001- You know what's funny, I was trying my stuff out in each - and I was like..hmmm... the city is a little roomy, and the first is a little small... the Box is the perfect in between size; isn't that funny. :biggrin:

    The twiggy is very similar to the City for internal size.
  5. yup, i get like that too, that's why when i do purchase something from ebay, if you can get it authenticated. that will calm your nerves.
  6. I agree. There are many great experiences to be had on eBay, and no matter how much you do your research (or how sure of the authenticity of an item), it is still best to try and get it authenitcated.
  7. Loganz, I felt the same way the first time I purchased a B bag from ebay. But I can assure you that the ice blue you got is 100% authentic. Congrats!! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks - that does make me feel a lot better - you know the tFS B-thread better than anyone here. ;)
    The gal who sold it 2nd time around was so sweet; I told her to come here and hang out more often.

    I posted both bags in a new thread.
  9. I feel for you Loganz....but oooooo:huh:OOOooooo how do you like that blue? That's the color I'm getting in the hobo. Is is nice???
  10. oh yes, I like it very much :love:

    I kept my stuff in it - so, I will be using it the next couple of days.

    I don't know what it is about that shade of blue; but, I suspend my personal ban on pastels for it. :P

    I can't wait to see your hobo photos - hope you get it soon. :biggrin:
  11. I hope so. Still pending...It's kind of like NAP, they have to confirm your address and all that the first time you order. :sad:
  12. Oh that's right you bought it from Cricket.

    I must admit it is nice to get to see the bags online with them; please tell us how the whole experience goes after you have the bag.
  13. I ask my BF for the kate spades cause he checks everything for me and for LV, I ask here and on the eBay discussion boards. For Coach, I tend to bid on the ones with pictures showing the target sign or the cross/X sign cause then I know it's from an outlet. It could still be fake but I find more comfort in the target or cross/X mark than no marks at all.