Handbag Superstitions

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  1. About 15 years ago, a friend told me that if I set my bag on the ground (or floor), I would never have any money. I know its ridiculous, but I haven't been able to set my bag down on the ground (or floor) ever since! :blush:

    Do you have any handbag superstitions? :wondering
  2. My husband told me his mom said never go in a womans purse, even if it's your wife, she never said why. But if DH asks me for something like some money or cellphone etc, I'll say it's in my purse go get it, he'll say oh no and he always brings me my bag even if it's sitting right next to us. I never set my bag on the floor either, my mom told me the one about setting it on the floor.
  3. I've heard of the hangbag on the floor superstition as well... also that if the palms of your hands itch, money is coming your way.
    I know that had nothing to do with bags, but yeah.
  4. My mother used to say that if you give a handbag or wallet as a gift, make sure you tuck some money into it because it will ensure that the person receiving the gift will be prosperous. Cute, huh? :tender:
  5. luvboogie, I have heard the same thing. I try to do that also.
  6. One of the superstitions that some ppl have about handbags is they can only buy bags that are brand new and never carried, because buying a bag that has previously been touched by someone else mean that they left some of their karma behind and you don't want that ...
  7. i've only heard the red wallet one.
  8. I know of the money-in-a-wallet-one, but never heard the one about putting your bag on the floor!!

    Damn, no wonder I am so broke! ;)
  9. What about the red wallet? Should I buy a red wallet:weird: Is it supposed to bring more money or something.
  10. I have also heard the same about bags on the floor, and I always make sure I don't put mine on the floor. I have also heard that if you put a $2 bill in your wallet and leave it there, you will always have money coming your way :yes:
  11. I've never heard about the thing on the floor! Well, I know now why I have no money!!!
  12. My grandmother told me if you buy a new handbag and/or wallet, always put a coin in it and you will never run out of money.

    She had another one about a car, when you buy a new car, throw a coin on the floor- and your car won't end up being a lemon or costing you a fortune to run/maintain.
  13. I've never heard of any of these! I don't put my purse on the floor and I don't mind getting a purse + wallet with money in it! ;)
  14. My mother told me about that one ... so everytime I change bags, I always make sure that there are some coins left in the bag. If you leave the bag empty after you use it then it will always be empty (well according to the superstition). I've heard about the one leaving your bag on the floor ... I never leave my bag on the floor anyway, it sits on another chair or on my lap.
  15. Ha! My Mother does that too with the coins in the car. Unfortunately, the car wash people always take them. :nuts:

    About the purse on the floor, I wouldnt do it simply because of the dirt and grime that is on the floor. If I must, I put something down and lay my bag on that.