Handbag Superlatives 2006!

  1. Although 2006 is not over yet I thought it would be fun if we announced our 2006 handbag superlatives and see which handbag wins for the year 2006! Please try to nominate 1 handbag model per category so all of the handbags get a fair chance.:lol: Also the bag does not have to be created in 2006, just what you feel should win in 2006!

    Feel free to add any additional categories but so far I have:

    1) Ms. Popularity (the handbag everyone seems to have):
    2) Ms. Best Leather:
    3) Ms. Best Looking:
    4) Ms. Break-out Performance (really surprised us this year)
    5) Ms. Unique & Creative(unordinary and unique)
    6) Ms. Versatility (what can you wear with everything)
    7) Ms. Most Outgoing (best evening bag)
    8) Ms. Most Likely to Succeed (what new bag is likely to succeed)
    9) Ms. Classic
    10) Ms. Class Pet!(best bag to carry work or books)

    Let the voting begin! :wlae: Btw, how many days should we leave this thread open for? I think if I leave it open too long I'll be counting until my eyes go cross!!! Vlad/Meg, is there a way for me to arrange a poll for each of the categories?
  2. you'd have to start a new thread for each category to make a poll for each.
  3. Ok, I'll just count. If I post a thread for each posting I'd have to list all the handbags in the world and I wouldn't want to keep any 1 bag out of contention.