Handbag suggestions please!

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  1. It must be over a year since I last bought a handbag which is a bit of shock to me :wtf: So I'd like to treat myself. I'm after an everyday bag, but something that will last me some time. I'd like a hobo or a shoulder style, neutral or classic colours, plenty of pockets, nothing too high end (Botkier or Kooba sort of prices please!). I'm in the UK - so needs to be something I can get online if it's not a UK brand.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Belen Echandia! Beautiful leathers, lots of colors to choose from, based in the UK, and holding a sale sometime very soon:smile:
  3. Oooh I'd forgotten about them! I'll go and have a look, thanks
  4. Had a look at the BE and there's nothing really that I like. They're all a bit too structured for me, and they really only have one hobo style (and everything seems to be out of stock anyway!) I'm usually into Marc by Marc Jacobs but I don't like the stuff I've seen so far this season (they seem to be doing a lot of patent).

    Anyone have any other suggestions?
  5. CHeck out Hayden Harnett. They have some fab hobos/shoulderbags.