Handbag suggestions for a cruise

  1. I'm going on my very first cruise in March. It's a 4-day/3-night cruise to Cozumel and since I have NO idea what I'll be doing on this cruise, I was hoping for some suggestions on what types of handbag/handbags I should take.
    Do I need an evening bag?
    Will I even be carrying one around the ship during the day?

    Can you share with me your cruise ship experience?
  2. when i went on a cruise a couple of years ago, all i used was a large canvas tote for the pool/beach (when we went to an island) & a small evening bag for sit down dinners which were every nite. i would only bring two, three to be safe. Have fun!!!!
  3. I would definately go for more vibrant colored bags that you own, to counter-act with the tropical location.
  4. For my Caribbean cruise, I also used a large tote (Chapelier) for during the day to carry my towel and other pool accessories and an evening bag for night. Didn't really need much else while on the boat and I didn't want to take anything too nice while going on my snorkeling/stingray excursions.
  5. I usually take a big canvas bag for the pool and beach/ boat type excursions, a tote bag-type purse for shopping (I use a white Michael Kors Santorini tote), and a few wristlets for onboard the ship. When you are on the ship, you really just need your room key, a little cash (for bingo and stuff like that), and maybe a lipgloss, so you really don't even need a bag onboard, as long as you have pockets (or someone to hole your stuff for you:graucho: )
  6. a small bag for evenings and a tote for the pool and excursions.
  7. Perfect advice :smile:
  8. DeAnna, if by any chance you're looking for a reasonably-priced evening bag, perhaps you might like to check out one of alissascreations' pretty ruffle purses:

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  9. A zipped tote (like a medium Longchamp) for the day and a clutch for the evenings.
  10. DeAnna, what's your favourite colour?

    I like this fabric:

    Etsy :: Japanese Sakura Tote Bag


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    (her bags are very well-made, one of them is on the way to me :smile:)

    Etsy :: Granny bag 2 - Retro pop flower print


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    key fob with cotton tape

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  11. Well when I went on my cruise last summer, I found a swingpack was great for the day trips. On the ship, I suggest a tote (Longchamp, Coach). For night, you have some fancier parties and stuff (depending on the ship) so a clutch would be great too.