handbag shopping in Pleasanton, CA?

  1. I'll be in Pleasanton over the Labor Day weekend, but on a very tight schedule. Does anyone have suggestions of where I should spend my limited Handbag-Hunting time?
  2. If at all possible, I'd probably make the drive into San Francisco (about 30 mins) to go shopping. I don't know of any upscale shops in Pleasanton. Or you can head south on 680 to the Great Mall in Milpitas (around 20 mins) where there's a Saks Off 5th and NM Last Call that might have some nice bags.
  3. It would depend on what you're looking for. There's a Nordies @ Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton. They have a Solstice also where you can buy premium sunglasses (Chanel).
  4. 1. Stoneridge list of stores: click here

    2. If you do go to the Great Mall of Milpitas, you might be disappointed. Although there are many authentic dealers of handbags there, there are also just as many fakes. Some stores even sell both real and fake within its premises so be careful. I don't know how they get away with it but they do.

    3. San Francisco is great for out door shopping.

    4. Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto has many high end stores and none fake.

    5. For a longer drive (1.5 hours approx.) you can go to the Vacaville Outlets. Its probably mostly last year's designs and other stuff but you never know what you'll find and the prices are even better. I'll be stuck going to some boring wedding in Fresno or I'd go there instead. haha
  5. your best bet is San Francisco. Take Bart from Pleasanton Station and get off at Powell St. Go to Union Station and hit Niemans, Saks and you can go to GUcci, Prada and Chanel they all have boutiques in SF.