Handbag Shopping in ARUBA?

  1. Hey guys....I'm going to Aruba at the end of the month..with my husband and his family...and my sister-in-law told me that there are a lot of discounted handbag shops there....is that true? I've never been...and was just wondering if I should curb some of my spending now...to spend money there. My sister-in-law is not really into handbags, so I'm afraid she's talking about fakes..:yucky:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Nope! She is right. There is a great Ferragamo store and Gucci. I have been there personally, and they are great and cheaper than in the States; Enjoy!
  3. And yes, they are real!
  4. YEAH!!!! Thanks cathymd!!! :yahoo:

    I'm so excited now [I mean..I was always excited..but now I'm SUPER-excited]

    How was Aruba when you went? Anything that I should check out when I'm there?
  5. Obviously the beaches are beautiful, and there are casinos, if you are into those. The main town, (I can't remember the name right now) is ok, so don't expect glamour, but the shopping is good. By the way, I forgot to mention that they have Cartier too! My suggestion would be to visit the main town one afternoon, but enjoy the beach the most. Where are you staying? I think we stayed at the Ramada and it was beautiful. Sorry I can't be more help; we went for three days and stayed on the beach...
  6. My In-laws have a timeshare near the Marriot Stelaris (I think I spelled that right). I am definitly looking forward to the beaches and just lounging around..but I'm going to have to check out the shopping..and now you said Cartier..so I think I might have to budget myself for a watch or something!:p Thanks for all your help!
  7. The Marriott is at the very end of Palm Beach (the beach that houses all the high-rise resorts -- Hyatt, Westin, Holiday Inn, etc.) that's furthest from town. It's about a 10-min ride to town, so no big deal to get around. People in Aruba are super nice, you can drink the water, and the restaurants are great. My husband and I love it!

    In my experience you're better off shopping for high-end watches and jewelry in the Caribbean. For example, my Rolex Datejust Rolesor cost me approx $1,000 less than stateside prices (that's not even including the tax savings!). At the Cartier boutique I believe the savings is approx 15%, so a tank francaise (stainless steel) will cost you less than $3,000.

    Gandelman's jewelers in town is an authorized Rolex dealer, as well as Breitling, Tag, etc. They also sell David Yurman and John Hardy at 10% off US Retail. Keep in mind that the price is the price on most of these brands (pricing is set by the manufacturer) so you can't bargain.

    I hope you love Aruba as much as I do!
  8. Ok, so I just talked to my cousin who lives in Aruba and the one thing she advised is NOT to buy diamonds there. There are lots of great "deals", and she says that most tourist are inspired to "upgrade," but most of the diamonds are terrible quality. None of the locals buy there, but the rest of the shopping is great. I hope you have fun, and post pictures!
  9. My husband and I go to Aruba every year! We stay at the Bucuti in the low rise area. The beaches are really serene there. I suggest you go check it out for the day.

    As far as shopping, there is a mall in downtown Orangestad. For handbags, there is a Gucci, Ferragamo and there is also a Louis Vuitton. Prices are not a huge difference from the US, but you do get the tax savings. Great deals on watches. You will get a better discount on days when there is no cruise ship in town.

    Aruba is a great place. Have fun on your trip!!!
  10. I've been there and was impressed with the stores they have-- Louis Vuitton, BCBG, Gucci, etc. I was not ready to shop at that time but next time I will. It's all duty free!
  11. Hey everyone!!! I'm going to Aruba in 2 weeks and 6 days and def will be visiting the LV store. I can't wait!!!
  12. Hi, I just got back from Aruba last week. I went to the LV store & they do charge you tax in their store.
  13. I love Aruba and have been travelling yearly since the age of 9 with my parents and now I take my hubby along. I love Kay's, Gandleman's and Gemani Jewellry stores and won't buy from any other stores. Most of the time I end of buying jewellery or watches vs handbags because I can get the bags at home. It's a beautiful little island :smile: Purses4me, what goodies did you bring home?
  14. Actually it was the first time that we have been there. We spent our time on the beach. I did go to the LV store thinking there was no tax as most people would think it would be duty free, but it's not. We are going back over Thanksgiving I will check out the other stores then.