Handbag shopping ban....

  1. Today I have decided that I am going to use the handbags that I have and not buy a handbag for one year. This is a self imposed shopping ban that I have placed on myself because I simply cannot afford to buy any more bags. This week I bought a Speedy 30 and pouchette (on my credit card...yikkkes)and that is it for the next year. This year I have bought a total of six bags which is extreme for me(me soooo greedy lately)... this site has not helped matters. When I see huge collections I think well I barely have any bags. Usually I only get 1 or 2 bags a year that I absolutely adore. This year I bought too much going a tad into debt and not saving any $$$ so, this one year shopping ban will help me to get back on track. I will still come to the PF to drool :drool: over everyones new purchases, eye candy that I cannot resist. In the meantime I will use and rotate my exisiting modest but, lovely collection of 10 handbags that I adore. I do not know how some of you do it!!! Your collections are so stunning. No handbags until next fall...I think that I can do it. Plus for the last month I have used the same bag everyday and I am not giving my handbags equal exposure. Enough is enough for now:crybaby: . Anyone else in this position:shrugs: ???? Handbags are such an expensive addiction :nuts: !
  2. I'm not in exactly the same position, but I support you, gucccigal :smile: You're making a very responsible decision. You've already got lovely bags and you should use them! I'm on a sort of ban as well (this month was way too expensive bag-wise for me!)- saving up for a speedy, which will take me quite awhile as I'm also trying to pay off a few bills and they are the priority. But when I get it I will know that I can afford it and that I made headway on bills in the process!
  3. I should do the same. I have nine handbags, one to go with any outfit, and I love them all (I recently sold a bunch of them and these are the ones that I refused to sell -- they're in my showcase, btw).

    Today I was walking around Union Square with my new Gucci hobo, enjoying how it felt on my shoulder, and thought to myself that I can't WAIT until I have owned that bag for a long time, until it's old and I am still using it because it's so well-made. Same goes for my LV Saleya and my Botkier, etc etc. These bags are made to LAST, so why do we keep buying new ones??

    I am not buying any new bags for a long while, BUT I am still buying a couple of small Damier Azur accessories in November :smile: But that's it, and it's a planned expense.
  4. I'll join you at the end of this year :lol: There are still two or three bags that I really, really want... but then that's it, I think.
  5. I still want to get either a Gucci or LV wallet...now that is not considered a handbag and I plan on waiting until Nov. Enjoy what you have is my new motto!!!

    Jane congrats on your Gucci hobo, I will check out your handbags too!!!
  6. I feel the same way. I sold all of my collection and I'm starting over. I got a speedy 30 for my birthday and that's it until Xmas. I'm getting a Balenciaga for Xmas and then no bags until my birthday in August. I had way too many bags and I didn't use them. I favored my Balenciaga. I feel better about my decision...a weight was lifted off of me. I was becoming so obsessed with handbags...that's all I could think of. It's been hard at times, but I know my family and bank account will thank me!!!
  7. Yes, but how do you stop??? How do you decide which bag to carry? I feel sick about all the bags not being used in my closet!!!
  8. I think keeping myself under ten bags at any one time is a good policy (for me). Easy to pick a different one to carry every month or whatever. And if I HAVE to buy a new one, then I will have to sacrifice an old one. Harsh policy, but I think it will work.
  9. I can relate! :yes: I picked up a lot of nice bags this year, and haven't been looking to buy any more expensive ones as of late -- just enjoying what I have. Self-imposed hiatus, I guess.

    That didn't stop me from buying a couple of Ellingtons this morning which I found marked down from $200 to $65 - couldn't resist that bargain, and I can always use some new knock-around bags (and Ellington's leather bags last forever!). Here I go ... justifying again! :shame:
  10. I usually ban myself after buying one, well, afterall..I can only buy once or twice a year, so does that mean I am banning myself for not buying more than two?:biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. I don't think it's any easier to stop buying handbags (if you're an addict) then it is to stop smoking, drinking or over eating - It's brutal - but like all the other addictions, it can be done.
  12. I'm with you! I've increased my handbag collection from 2 to 30 in a year. I'm done. I've shifted my focus elsewhere (clothes and shoes).

  13. Totally agree!! It is definitely an addiction for me. I experience the "high" when I first buy and then the "let-down" after a week or so....enough time where I'm already tired of my new bag and want another new one.
  14. Good Luck with that!!! Hope you make it through.
  15. :nuts: Im with you....I placed my last order of LV...ever...(well execept for accessories). And I do mean ever, unless I win the Lotto or something like it...he he.

    The only reason I invested in my bags was to really have them for a lifetime if possible and it seems the right time to test it out..:lol:

    I feel very fortunate to own them and wont feel right to keep buying for the sake of getting new ones.... I started out with a plan for a collection and now that its complete...dont see a need to go further...that would really make me feel bad about it all. :smile:
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