Handbag shipped from another country

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  1. If it's a seller from eBay, would I get charged for duty/taxes still? It's standard global mail. I heard the PO would open boxes at random sometimes. Anyone here has bought a bag from eBay that was shipped from another country? :worried:
  2. I just bought a bag from Hong Kong. I'll let you know what I have to pay. I have bought stuff from Canada that is just marked "gift" & didn't have to pay anything.
  3. I ask eBay sellers to NOT include any invoices and mark "gift" or "personal belongings" on the customs forms.
  4. Thank you guys! I went ahead and used Buy It Now as she said she marks them as used item and gift so I shouldn't get taxed or anything. I wanted to know if this is what happened with you guys too! Thanks!!!
  5. Congrats Kathy!
  6. hi ya

    yeah when i've ordered some bags from overseas they tend to tick the gift box... we'll not balenciaga! i had to pay full tax! *faints* but its all good!

    good luck and be sure to post up pics of your new bag for us!
  7. i bought a bag from Hong Kong, and didn't get hit with any extra fees...
  8. Thanks guys! I hope it gets here quickly and safely!
  9. I purchased two bags recently on eBay from overseas, and was not hit with any fees because the sellers designated them as "gifts". You might run into the "ethically" upright seller who refuses to designate the item as a gift, so you should ask before you bid, especially if you are not ready to pay the fees. I didn't ask either way, and wouldn't have minded paying some form of tax, but that's a personal determination.
  10. It depends on how expensive the item is and from what value your country charges tax from. Even if the seller puts gift but writes the true value you will get charged the customs tax if the item is expensive. I've found that courier companies such as FedEx or DHL always give you a customs bills where as it is less likley through the post office. I once got a collector doll from the US for $195 US and then DHL said I owed them another $120 AUD in taxes!!:evil:
    Some Ebay sellers are happy to write a lower value and some aren't - it's their choice seeing as they are the ones that have to put their signature on it.
  11. I got a bag from Singapore and had to pay a $90 Duty! Needless to say I was pissed.
  12. Good points ladies. I will note this as I do see myself shopping from international sellers from now on. Thanks!
  13. I called the Post Office recently about an international shipment (from me to someone else...and I always declare the actual value, anything else is mail fraud which is a federal crime and could land you in big trouble) and the person told me if the item is under $200 in value there are usually no fees, but over that there can be. I only buy from companies who cover the customs fees in their pricing.