Handbag Selling Question!

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  1. I'm not sure if this question belongs here or in the off topic. Don't worry Megs/Vlad, this isn't a selling post or anything, just need some advice on how to do so:idea: I bet someone here can help me out!

    I have a Fendi credit that I'd like to offload but its non-transferrable. I was thinking of buying a spy bag with it and selling it on ebay or something. Do people still buy those? Where is the best place to sell something like that? Also, what would be a good color to sell?

    I'd get another spy, but I just realized that they aren't for me. Someone else would most likely appreciate one a lot more than I would at present. Any help would be great! This will be my first real selling venture :biggrin:
  2. well if you do the ebay routine, most won't buy from you unless you have prior auctions selling high end designer bags, with excellent feed back, so if it's your first time, i think you won't be able to get that much money back. unless you really put in your time and take excellent photos and explain your entire story. you would have to prove somehow that it is authentic and you're not trying to scam! but they do sell for around 2000 on ebay, so you might get your money back. get a really rare one, like a turquoise-orange one, don't know the exact color of that. it changes color depending on the angle, know which one i'm talking about?
  3. Well, I was going to put it on my mother's ebay account and she has a really high feedback rating. She has sold some bags before too, nothing that expensive though. I'm it would look better on her account than mine though :biggrin:
  4. and the other thing is, someone might bid and then back out and not pay. that's the only other concern.
  5. Yeah that would suck, deadbeats out there.
  6. Noriko,
    maybe someone here would ask you to buy a bag for them and pay you back :smile:
  7. Whatever you end up doing, make you you use a safe method for payment (i.e. Paypal although they take a chunk of the fees, as does eBay) and get the item insured and tracked when you ship. It's such an expensive item that you should make sure that you are covered. I buy on eBay (and have sold occassionally), and I never allow checks or money orders since both are now extremely easy to counterfeit.
  8. are you sure you're not gonna use the credit? i mean there's a whole new collection coming out in january/february, don't you think you'll find something? a bag, shoes, a dress,...? anything?
  9. ditto. there are people that have their issues with paypal for whatever reason, but it's a million times safer than any other way to do it that i know of.
  10. I think you can do well if you get a rare Spy for more insurance that it will sell. If you are honest and explain the story, take great pics, receipt etc. , you will do well. Then you can use that $ for another bag that you have been eyeing. Right now is a great time because of the Holidays, take advantage. If you need help, let me know.

    Take care and good luck!
  11. Thanks everyone! I was planning to list it on my mother's ebay account, she has great feedback etc. She also uses paypal :biggrin:

    I'm sure I don't want any new Fendi items, as I haven't really had a good experience there since my spy troubles :sad:

    Any ideas on what the best color to sell would be?
  12. Bronze, but that might be hard to find.
  13. Noriko, actually I don't think it would be a good idea to sell on ebay. In case you haven't been tracking the fendi spy sales on ebay, they haven't been too strong. Most of the bags selling are fakes and priced $500 and below. The few spys that have sold, sold below retail. One seller I know even selling an authentic choco spy had a buyer claim that she sold her a fake bag, and created a BIG problem for her.

    Leshent has had the hologram spy for sale for weeks now, and nobody's touched it. And dudeiloveyou has a petrol spy for over a week that nobody's touched it. Both of these are well known trusted sellers.

    I also don't care much for the S/S 06 spy designs, but what about the B FENDI bag? It looks really great, and should be released fairly soon.
  14. ^^^thanks :biggrin: Also, nice to see you here! You're on tfs too right?

    I could try a B Fendi bag, I just hope that it sells. Who knew offing this credit, even at a loss would be so hard!
  15. I saw a cute Fendi satchel (large) at Neiman's over the weekend and I thought of you. I wanted to write down the style, but my son was yanking my arm to get me out of the handbag dept. Sigh...they just don't understand....

    Anyway...that was before I learned that you don't want to save it for a Fendi at all....

    I hope it works out for you. :smile: