Handbag sellers, do you reveal yourself?

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  1. When you see someone asking about one of your handbags in the authenticate this threads do you post that it is your bag? I see some of my bags but I don't get involved, however I see that some people know who is a forum member and say their bags are real, I'm just curious how they know or if they are authenticating their own bag.
  2. Someone asked once about a Fendi Spy and I said "Oh, that's my bag." It wasn't a question of authenticity, they could see that it was, but they wondered how I could have found it so inexpensive so I got on and told them. The other bags I haven't said one way or the other. Every time someone asks about autheticity someone else posts and confirms it as authentic.
  3. When I see my bags posted, I don't get involved at all. I think there's a fine line here between acknowledging a bag as your own and promoting your own auctions. In my opinion, it's best to steer clear.
  4. Makes me wonder how many people have done this. Just like how many TPF members I have seen on eBay buying and selling fakes. It's a sad world.
  5. I am sure some have made mistakes early on, however learned and rectified it. I have seen a couple of mine on the authenticate this thread and I have not said a word or gotten involved. They want an objective opinion, not me saying it's authentic when I did that by listing it on eBay as it is my responsibility to know authenticity and not guess. I have even referred buyers to post it here as my eBay name and this name are wayyy different. All mine have been deemed authentic, so have not run into an issue as I know they are before posting them for sale on Ebay.
  6. My ebay name and tpf name are also completely different. I never say anything if an auction of mine appears. Now, if someone said it was a fake, I might say something to a mod privately.
  7. i would never say anything either. it can also seem like you are promoting your auction which isn't allowed here. if you are confidant your stuff is real, you let it go and let others comment on it. some people know that it is a tpf members bag maybe because they have bought from them before.
  8. My ebay and tpf names are different and I never comment on my bags or when someone asks about me as a seller. Reputations should speak for themselves in both the ebay and tpf worlds :yes:
    I have had some tpfers figure it out on their own and it is like our little secret ;)