Handbag Salessss

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  1. I just checked my mail...and apparently both Neimans and Bloomingdales are having huge handbag sales starting Dec. 1. Neimans has up to 25% off on a selection of handbags, while bloomingdales has 15-40% of on all handbags. They also have this thing where you can take $25 off of every $100 you spend...pretty good deal...
    Bloomies also has the fendi spy bag in zucca brown if anyone is interested...
  2. Great amount of info, thanks for that!
  3. Do I need a special coupon promotion code to take advantage of these "sales"??
  4. i dont think you need a coupon for Neimans...at bloomingdales, you usually get the coupons in the mail, but you can always find a nice sales associated who would be willing to give you one
  5. I was just @ NM's designer sale, pretty good. I would have bought a Tod's but the only one I wanted was a shearing, and it'll get screwed up quickly :sad: