Handbag safety-shopping

  1. OK I'm confused. I've always been a shoulder bag girl but have been obssessed with getting a satchel with my PCE. I've often wondered what is safer to carry to avoid purse snatching. I always thought a shoulder bag would be. Any thoughts ?
    I guess I'm paranoid ;)

    I found the below article and it cracks me up because first they say not to carry a shoulder bag as its easy to grab, then in the next line they say not carry on on your wrist (satchel). I'm confused :nuts:

    Don't carry a shoulder bag while shopping in holiday crowds. It's too easy to grab and run. Carry a bag with a short handle, or tuck your bag close to your body. You might even wear your bag inside your jacket or coat. But at any rate, don't make your bag an easy target for thieves on the prowl.

    • Don't carry your purse or shopping bags around your wrist. A sly pursesnatcher could pull you and the bags to the ground. Never, ever place handbags on the floor in restaurants or restrooms, or hang them from the side of a chair. Do not put your bag down while you are selecting merchandise, and never leave your bag unattended in a store dressing room
  2. My guess would be the safest purse would be a crossbody one. When I'm in really crowded places like a festival or fair, I wear my Soho Swingpack. That way I have both hands free. But if I'm dressing up and going to Church or shopping, I usually wear a shoulder bag.
  3. Thats my thought also and I guess I should not let my decision making be driven by fears of getting my satchel snatched if I get the Hamptons
  4. OMG, how funny, I'm thinking exactly the same! I'm a "shoulder bag" gal, too, and thought they were more secure than satchel type bags but I, too, am looking at purchasing a satchel with my PCE card! I still think the shoulder bag is more secure (from snatching thieves) than a hand-held one but I'm thinking some satchels have longish straps so I can still carry it on my shoulder even if it can be a bit tight. Yes, the cross body style bags are probably more secure but I've got lots of those as well. I don't have any satchels (hand-helds) though in my collection.

  5. ;) lol that's funny we are both on the same page ! Which satchel are you thinking of getting ?, I'm thinking of getting the Hamptons leather med carryall in red/coral #11330

  6. well whenever i go shopping, i always put my bag in the little seat, and buckle it in, wraping the straps around the handles several times, this way someone can't just pick it up and run, and i never ever leave the purse in the cart unattended.....or just put it on your shoulder.....
  7. That's too funny! I'm looking into getting a Hamptons satchel, too! The Hamptons All Leather Carry-all Style #11332 in either Red/Coral or the Parchment/Saddle. It's a toss up with the colors but I do like the embossed all leather look! I looked at the Style #11330 Carry-all as well but I just wanted a full flap top, that's all. But they're both really beautiful and somewhat unique styles, I think.
  8. My thinking is never assume any type of bag is thief proof, unless it's strapped to your body. If a thief is determined enough they will get the bag. Just be suspicious of everybody and be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes I just put my money, cc's, keys in my FRONY pocket.
  9. Ditto! I get called paranoid but I rather be paranoid than sorry! *LOL*
  10. I actually had a girl come into the store the other day for a repair because someone had attempted to steal her Coach purse and had torn the strap right off the bag practically. I can't remember what purse it was now, but it wasn't a long strap.

    If I'm in an area where I would worry about my purse, if I am wearing a coat I will put my purse on under my coat depending on the bag.
  11. Wow! I am an expert in this! I am from Colombia and there... you can't carry any bag! When I was living there I saw many times when people in motorcycles come and take the bags of ladies that was carrying it in their shoulders... You imagine how sad it can be? And not only in motorcycles, they take the bag at any moment specially if you are walking in the street. One of the most weird cases was the one of a friend: somebody took her bag while se was eating in a restaurant... from her table!
    For all that reasons I always was carrying a messenger bag, a back pack or a swingpack. The robber can still take it -with a gun- but if is just one in a motorcycle don't will have so much chances.
    I recommend you : a Swingpack!!! :tup: